Today is the Great California Shakeout. Now is the time to prepare for disasters. Go to to set up home and auto disaster kits. 

MPC will be performing a drill from 10 AM to 11 AM this morning. If you have questions, please contact the security office .

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Message from the President

Welcome to Monterey Peninsula College where you can earn a world class education -- with an ocean view.

Congratulations for making higher education and MPC a priority in your personal journey. Not only is a high quality education the best way to improve your options for a brighter future, it is often a life-changing experience that will help you chart a course for personal and professional success.  Our talented faculty and staff are ready to engage you and help you reach your goals and, perhaps, set some new goals.

Thank you for choosing MPC.  Expect to learn.  Expect to be challenged.  Expect the best.

Dr. Walter Tribley