Basic Skills Committee


Basic Skills Committee Mission Statement

The BSI Committee is committed to supporting highly coordinated, integrated, and collaborative learning and support environments; raising awareness of basic skills; removing academic barriers; facilitating smooth academic transitions; creating clearer pathways to student success in both academic and vocational areas; and providing student-focused approaches to learning.

Committee Members for 2016-2017 Academic Year

  • Carrie Ballard, Counselor/Academic Advising
  • Elizabeth Bishop, Faculty/Mathematics
  • LaKisha Bradley, Director of Student Success and Equity
  • Adria Gerard (Faculty Co-Chair), Director of English & Study Skills Center
  • Paul Long (Administrative Co-Chair), Interim Dean of Instruction
  • Blanca Morgan, Faculty, Math Learning Center Coordinator
  • Penny Partch, English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor
  • Kathleen Rozman, Instructor/Learning Disabilities Specialist
  • Alison Shelling, Adjunct Faculty/Fashion, CTE Coordinator
  • Glenn Tozier, Digital Services Librarian
  • Thatcher Weldon, Adult Education/CTE Coordinator

Additional information about the BSI Committee at MPC, upcoming conferences & events, and web resources and committee documents can be found on the MPC BSI Intranet site.