Meet the 2016-2017 MPC Lobos Ambassadors


Picture of Ambassadors at the Connections Sculpture in front of the MPC Library Technology Center.

Student Ambassadors are student leaders with a passion for Monterey Peninsula College and interacting with potential students which shines brightly for all to see.  MPC Lobos Ambassadors conduct campus tours, help out at campus wide and  Monterey Peninsula community events and activities.  As one of the first contacts for prospective MPC students and their families, MPC Lobos Ambassadors are the face of our college.



Photo of Guy Hewitt

Guy Hewitt

Home Town:  Santa Cruz, CA
Major: Human Resources

 I wanted to be an ambassador for Monterey Peninsula College because I needed to encourage myself to be more active in the college experience.  The extra communication with students and staff at Monterey Peninsula College will help develop my skills, while pursuing my goal of achieving a major in Human Resources.  I look forward to expanding my knowledge of the college operations and working with new students and staff.


Photo of Meechie Pierce

Meechie Pierce

Hometown: Seaside, CA
Major: Human Services

I chose to be a Lobo Ambassador to have the opportunity to better serve my college campus and my community.  As well as being more informed about services and programs that we offer here at our local community college, I can better direct and refer those who seek these services and equip them with the information they need.  Being part of our elite networking group here on campus, for me, is far more rewarding than playing Pokémon Go!  And, it's just how I roll.  HOLLA!!


Photo of Tyler Strode

Tyler Strode

Hometown: Cookeville, TN
Major: Nursing

I wanted to become a Lobo Ambassador for Monterey Peninsula College because I wanted to give back all of my knowledge to students that are transitioning to college.  Many students have many questions about college, but don't have the confidence or may not know who to ask.  I want to help those students.  On top of that, I want to show our community that MPC is one of the best community colleges in California!