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Academic Senate Meeting Oct 20, 2016 (agenda)

Academic Senate Agenda

October 20, 2016

2:30pm-4:15pm LTC216


Academic Senate Membership

Heather Craig (President)

Abeje Ambaw

Amber Kerchner

Glenn Tozier (Vice president)

Mark Clements

Lynn Kragelund

Lynn Krageland (Secretary)

Jacque Evans

James Lawrence

Sunny LeMoine (ASCCC Rep)

Adria Gerard

Susanne Muszala

Cathleen Clark (AS CTE Liason)

Alfred Hochstaedter

Robynn Smith

Dan Schrum (ASMPC Rep)

Elias Kary

Sandra Washington


A. Public Comments/Welcome (2:30-2:35)

B. Approval of October 6, 2016 Minutes and October 11, 2016 Minutes (2:35-2:40)


II. Reports

A. President's Report (2:40-2:45)

B. Committee on Committees (2:45-2:55)

C. ASCCC Delegate Report (2:55-3:05)

Resolutions for Fall Plenary Nov. 3-5


III. Old Business

A. Equivalency Policy and Processes and Temporary Appointments to Equivalency Committee (3:05-3:25) ACTION

ASCCC paper on equivalency

CCCCO minimum qualifications by discipline handbook

Draft of procedure for re-evaluation of minimum qualifications or equivalency in order to rectifying single course equivalencies

Draft of equivalency to minimum qualifications procedure

B. SLO Assessment Policy (3:25-3:45) ACTION

 SLO Assessment Policy - Formal action is needed on this draft policy.

The following documents have been revised in response to feedback given in our last meeting:

 Cycle for Assessment - that includes course assessments, programs-of-study assessment, and Program Review

 SLO Checklist - was also developed to help faculty develop SLO’s and includes suggestions for making SLO’s better

 SLO Assessment Rubric - designed to help faculty assess and document assessment of their course SLO’s

C.  Review of Revised Institutional Decision Making Handbook from CBT workgroup (3:45-4:05) ACTION

Institutional Decision Making Handbook October 2016

Additional Documents of Highlights of above from Diane Boynton:

Norms for Collaboration in Institutional Decision Making

College Council-PAG-PIE Charge Comparisons


IV. New Business 

A. Academic Senate Workgroups (4:05-4:15)

Results of Group Exercise in Initial and Tentative Prioritizing of AS Goals

o   Academic Senate Bylaws Review and Revision

Academic Senate Bylaws

o   Faculty Prioritization Process/Faculty Position Selection Procedure

Process forwarded from Kathleen Rozman and workgroup

o   CAC and Curriculum Processes- Course Deletion Process 


V. Future Agenda Items

Proposed Administrative Restructure

Technology Master Plan Review (first week of November)

Flex day committee report  (third week of November)

Update on Enrollment Management Process from CBT workgroup

Update on Integrated Planning from CBT workgroup (pending work of CBT group)

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