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Academic Senate Meeting Mar. 2, 2017

Draft Academic Senate Meeting Agenda

March 2, 2017  2:30-4:15pm

Sam Karas Room

Academic Senate Membership


Heather Craig (President)

Abeje Ambaw

Elias Kary

Glenn Tozier (Vice President)

Mark Clements

Amber Kerchner

Sunny LeMoine (ASCCC Rep)

Merry Dennehy

James Lawrence

Lynn Kragelund (Secretary)

Jacque Evans

Susanne Muszala

Kathleen Clark (CTE Liaison)

Adria Gerard

Robynn Smith

Dan Schrum (ASMPC Rep)

Alfred Hochstaedter

Sandra Washington




I. Opening Business



A. Public Comments/Welcome (2:30-2:35)

B. Approval of Minutes from February 16, 2017 and February 23,2017 (2:35-2:40)


II. Reports


A. President’s Address (2:40-2:45)

B. Committee on Committees (2:45-2:50) ACTION

Potentially voting on COC recommendations

C. Announcement of New Senators for 2017-2018 year (2:50-3:00)


III. Old Business


A. SLO assessment update - Learning Assessment Committee (3:00-3:20)



IV. New Business


  1. Student Equity - LaKisha Bradley and Larry Walker (3:20-3:35)

An update on student equity efforts and how to request student equity funding for professional development and project activities.


B. Guided pathways discussion (3:35-3:55)


C. Academic Affairs Board Policies (3:55-4:15)

     Previously recommended Board Policies, now updated by Academic Affairs:

BP4021 Program Discontinuance

BP4025 Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree & General Education

BP4040 Library Services

BP4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates

BP4220 Standards of Scholarship

BP4260 Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


V. Future Agenda Items

  1. 2017-2018 Elections

  2. Senate bylaws revision

  3. Further clarifying roles of Academic Senate and Faculty Bargaining Unit

  4. CAC procedures: max course size, reinstating courses, new course request procedure, new program request procedure, updating and review of courses

  5. HR procedures: faculty hiring, adjunct faculty hiring, faculty prioritization, evaluation

  6. New committees: procedure for institution of, CTE committee(s), instruction-counseling collaborative, campus climate, HR procedure review

  7. Categorical funding allocation process

  8. Calendar for review of MPC policies and procedures under 10+1

  9. Review of Resource Guide to Institutional Decision Making


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