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Academic Senate Meeting April 19, 2018

Academic Senate Meeting Agenda

Sam Karas Room

April 19, 2018


Academic Senate Membership

Heather Craig (President) Jeremy Diamzon-Iarot/Odir Bonilla (ASMPC Rep) Lynn Kragelund
Glenn Tozier (Vice President) Abeje Ambaw/ James Lawrence Robynn Smith
Sunny LeMoine (ASCCC Rep) Mark Clements Sandra Washington
Jacque Evans (Secretary) John Cristobal Molly Jansen
Susanne Muszala (COC chair) (Guided Pathways Liason) Adria Gerard Paola Gilbert
Kathleen Clark (CTE Liaison) Elias Kary


  1. Opening Business
    1. Public Comments/Welcome (2:30-2:35)
    2. Approval of Draft Minutes from April 5, 2018 (2:35-2:40)
    3. Secretary on Membership (2:40-2:50)


  2. Reports
    1. President’s Report Notes (2:50-2:55)
    2. Committee on Committees (2:55-3:00)
    3. CTE Liason Report (3:00-3:05)
    4. Flex Day Committee Report (3:05-3:15)
    5. ASCCC Liason Report (3:15-3:25)


  3. New Business
    1. Educational Master Plan Environmental Scan (3:25-3:35)
    2. PRIE Update  (3:35-3:45)   
      1. First Draft of Integrated Planning Handbook