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Academic Senate Meeting October 4, 2018

Academic Senate Meeting Agenda

Sam Karas Room

October 4, 2018


Academic Senate Membership

Heather Craig (President)

At Large

Abeje Ambaw/James Lawrence

Life Science


At Large

Glenn Tozier (Vice President)


Bruce Barrie


Molly Jansen

At Large

Adria Gerard (ASCCC Liaison)


Mark Clements

Physical Education

Lynn Kragelund


Jacque Evans

Supportive Services

Laura Cote

Creative Arts

Sunny LeMoine

At Large Adjunct

Elias Kary (COC Chair)

Social Science

John Cristobal

Physical Science

Suzanne Muszala (Guided Pathways Liaison)

Student Services

Arick McNiel/Shelia Morales ASMPC


Sandra Washington

College Readiness/TRiO


  1. Opening Business
    1. Public Comments/Welcome (2:30-2:35)
    2. Approval of Draft Minutes from September 20th, 2018 (2:35-2:40)


  2. Reports (2:40-3:00)
    1. President’s Report Notes
    2. Committee on Committees
    3. CTE Liaison
    4. Flex Day Committee
    5. ASCCC Liaison
    6. Guided Pathways Liaison
    7. LGBTQIA + Diversity Committee
    8. Student’s First Committee
    9. Equivalency Committee
    10. LAC
    11. PRIE
    12. CAC


  3. Old Business
    1. Dual Enrollment Update(3:00-3:15)

      Presentation by Dean Knolle on updates to administrative procedures and policies regarding dual enrollment staffing and faculty evaluation. 

  4. New Business
    1. Senate purpose, purview, and membership(3:15-3:40)

      review Academic Senate purpose and membership in resource guide to institutional decision making (see p15); receive nominations for next Senate President; discuss election of at large senator

    2. Curriculum Committee Administrative Procedure (first read ACTION item) (3:40-4:00)

      review and consider endorsement of draft AP to accompany the existing BP 4020 related to clarifying the relationship between student learning hours and units (documenting how units are calculated) in the context of our local curriculum approval authority. 

    3. Accreditation Update Report (first read ACTION item) (4:00-4:15)

review and consider endorsement of report on progress on recommendation 4: engagement in continuous, broad-based, systematic evaluation, and planning; integration of program review, planning, and resource prioritization and allocation into a comprehensive process that leads to accomplishment of its mission and improvement of institutional effectiveness and academic quality; linking of institutional planning to short-range and long-range needs based on assessment of student learning and student achievement data.

Presentation from September Board meeting regarding accreditation.

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