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Modern Retirement Planning (ENRI 19-19) April 25 & May 2, 2019

Modern Retirement Planning (MRP) is a comprehensive workshop overview of the latest concepts and concerns for structuring a successful retirement plan.

The information is presented in an unbiased, educational environment; no specific products or services will be discussed at this class, as MRP is designed only to provide important financial information. The goal of this 6-hour class is to familiarize participants with the concepts and terminology associated with the retirement planning process. The course will equip you with a better understanding of the building blocks of retirement planning as well as the options and strategies available to retire successfully. This course is specifically designed for individuals who are approaching retirement or are already in retirement.

Subjects include setting goals, identifying your nest egg sources, the effect of taxes and inflation on your savings, estate planning, types of investments, and many other retirement strategies.