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Google Chrome Warning (WebReg)

Post Date:04/16/2015 3:14 PM

Some of our website visitors have reported problems navigating to the online schedule/WebReg when using Google Chrome as their browser.

The issues they are experiencing are due to an aggressive move by Google to flag websites running on https who have:

  1. an invalid or
  2. long term SSL certificate

MPC fits into the second category. The ssl certificate we own, which validates our authenticity as well as providing a high level of encryption for data and online transactions that require secure protection, was purchased a few years ago as a long-term certificate.

The MPC IT department is rectifying this matter with our certificate authority so these warnings will not appear for our site visitors in the future - but in the meantime Chrome users will need to click through these warnings in order to proceed to our secure websites.

Here's how to proceed beyond this warning...

#1 - Click on the "Advanced" link


#2 Click on the link to "Proceed to"


Once you click to "Proceed .." you should be able to continue to access the site without getting the warning message for the duration of your Chrome session. (If you close Chrome and relaunch the browser you will get the warning message again.)

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