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Campus Security and Parking Reminders

Post Date:01/20/2017 2:29 PM

Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement will commence in our Staff and General parking areas on Monday, January 30th.

Enforcement in the Child Development Center Parking Lot CDC, requires a CDC permit.  Handicap Accessible and Redline curb areas are enforced 24/7.  The following listing of parking areas is for your reference (click to view map with parking areas identified)

•   Parking Lot A is general parking.

•   Parking Lot B, Lot C and Lot D, and F are general and staff parking.

•   Parking Lot CDC is CDC permit only.

•   Parking Lot E is staff only, staff permit required.

•   Parking Lot J is staff only , staff permit required.

•   30 Minute zones in Lot D are enforced for the time limit.

Staff or Student permits should be displayed on the rear view mirror or on the driver’s side dash and must be visible.  MPC Traffic Regulations are posted at for your reference. Staff and faculty members, please be sensitive to the parking needs of our students who are limited to using General Parking areas only.  Please utilize Staff/Faculty parking instead of General Parking whenever possible.  

Any questions regarding permit parking please call the Security office at 646-4005.

Bicycle and Skateboards:

Signage appears throughout the campus encouraging “walking your bike, carrying your skateboard”.  Bicycle and skateboard usage is now restricted to the perimeter roadways and parking lots.  Inner campus walkways are restricted to walking your bicycle and carrying your skateboard. 

Smoking Policy:

The use of tobacco products is limited to parking lots only and at least 20 feet from a building.

Important Contact Info

831-646-4005  Director of Security

831-646-4099  Officer on Patrol

831-760-2090  Emergency Operations Center Cell#

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