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Texting While Walking is Hazardous to your Health!

Post Date:09/25/2017 10:00 AM


Texting and Walking is hazardous to your health!


Texting while walking is a rising health hazard for American youth, according to a new study.

Safe Kids Worldwide has found that pedestrian deaths are up for older teens (ages 15 to 19), who now account for 50% of pedestrian fatalities among those 19 and younger.

The organization directly links that rise to distracted walking. It ran a study that found one in five young adults was observed crossing the street while distracted (on the phone, listening to music, texting, or playing a video game).

While that connection makes sense — more distraction leads to more accidents — Safe Kids Worldwide offers no direct, causal link between the two — such as teens observed being hit by a car while texting.

In any case, the number of teens killed while walking still pales in comparison to those killed while driving (20%), by homicide (17%) and by suicide (14%), according to 2009 numbers from Teen Driver Source, a research institute at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

"Other motor vehicle traffic-related" deaths count for 8%, just above poisoning and cancer.

Please be observant and courteous on campus!

For more information on the dangers of texting while talking, please see this special report from CBS news.
(Safety message provided as a courtesy by Jo Anna Butron, Director of Security (831) 646-4099)

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