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MPC Prepares for Transition of Leadership

Post Date:06/29/2018 11:31 AM

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For Immediate Release: June 28, 2018

Monterey, CA: Superintendent/President, Dr. Walter Tribley of the Monterey Peninsula Community College District (MPCCD) has announced his intention to retire from his position on September 4, 2019.  

Dr. Tribley came to this personal decision upon reflecting on his remarkable presidency and the numerous successes he and his team have accomplished in the past 5 and one half years.  The Board of Trustees and his entire Cabinet overwhelmingly support his decision and his commitment to continue to serve as Superintendent/President of Monterey Peninsula College until a successor is hired.

Dr. Tribley has accomplished everything and more that the Board had tasked him with when he was hired in December, 2012.

“Five and one half years ago, the Board of Trustees assigned to me the honor, and responsibility, to serve the students, faculty, staff, and community that is MPC. I have engaged fully in this work.”

Under his leadership Monterey Peninsula College has made remarkable progress to directly benefit the students and the community the College serves.

Among his many accomplishments as Superintendent/President of MPCCD, his most significant successes include:

  • Leading the charge along with faculty, staff, students and the Board of Trustees to take the accreditation status for the College from probation to being fully reaffirmed in just 13 months;
  • Instilling strong fiscal stewardship by balancing the budget without relying on other State funds;
  • Creating clear organizational structures to ensure the future success of the institution, so that MPC can continue to serve the needs of the community as it has for the past 70 years;
  • Increasing enrollment in the College after multiple declining years;
  • Graduating the largest number of students, ever, in May 2018;
  • Fortifying MPC’s Continuing Education Program to provide for future expansion in Career Development and life-long learning opportunities;
  • Introducing technological solutions to improve operations and efficiencies to better serve students and the community;
  • Working tirelessly to create partnerships with CSUMB to improve transfer, and with Monterey Peninsula High School Districts to make college more accessible for all high school students;
  • Obtaining its first-ever federal Title V Hispanic Serving Institution grant, enabling the College to better serve our diverse community.

Dr. Tribley, who remains completely committed to MPC said,  “I will do my utmost to assist. I have timed my retirement to occur after MPC submits its next Accreditation Follow-Up Report, and develops its next Education Master Plan. MPC is a remarkable college that changes the lives of students who continually inspire us as we hope to have inspired them.”  In his communication to the College, Dr. Tribley said, “I will carry a special place in my heart for MPC and our work together on behalf of a great college. I wish you and MPC every success.”

Marilynn Dunn Gustafson, Chair of the Governing Board of Trustees said, “Dr. Tribley is a very competent, committed, and caring leader. The Board of Trustees is fully supportive of his decision and is fully engaged in the transition plan. We will roll-out the search process for a Superintendent/President in the near future.”