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Selfie: Real vs Fake & MPC Portraiture Class Exhibit

Post Date:10/31/2018

 Four people taking selfie photos

The Self-portrait is an important genre in photography. Before the cell phone and social media, self-portraits were relatively rare. Now it seems we are living in a more and more narcissistic society in which people are taking daily self-portraits. What are people trying to express about themselves through these images? Do most selfies feel real or fake? What are you trying to convey with your social media selfie?

The Images in this exhibit are from the fall 2018 Portraiture for Photography Class.  Students were asked to create two self-portraits, one that represents a "fake" selfie and one that is representative of a "real" selfie.

Fake Selfie: More self-conscious, presenting yourself in a way that shows you looking or acting in an ideal fictional manner, looking great and pretending to be like you got it all together, perfect life.

Real Selfie: A picture that truly represents how you see yourself, good or bad.