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Civil Disturbance

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Most campus demonstrations will be peaceful; everyone should attempt to carry on business as usual. Avoid provoking or obstructing the demonstrators.

Any threatening disturbance should be reported immediately to Security by phone at 646-4099 or at the Security office in the Student Center. If the disturbance is clearly escalating and becomes an actual threat, the following actions should be taken:

  1. Alert all students and employees in the area to the situation.
  2. Lock all doors; offices should secure files, documents and equipment.
  3. If danger is imminent, cease operations and evacuate the area. Security or Monterey Police Department will provide further instructions for you.

College Security and an administrator will assess the situation. Demonstrators who refuse to disperse peacefully may be arrested by Monterey Police for violating the State Penal Code.

If the disruption occurs in a class, the instructor should request the offending person(s) to leave. If they refuse, contact Security, or the Vice President of Student Services Office at 646-4155, if applicable, contact the Evening Campus Supervisor and your immediate supervisor, if available.

(Note: The instructor is encouraged to file an incident report with Security, or through the Advocate Reporting System, contact 646-4155 for more information.)