MPC classes and student services are currently being offered fully online. Click for COVID-19 info for students.

Academic and Student Support Resources During COVID-19

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Effective March 18 based on the Shelter-in-Place order for Monterey County, all MPC classes, learning support services, and student services have been transitioned to be fully online until further notice.

Your health, welfare, and education are most important to us and we hope you all are doing well despite these incredibly challenging times. Please reach out if you are struggling and need assistance. We are still here to help!

  • Contact your instructor for support or guidance with your online class or coursework.
  • If you need other supportive services please see the list of Online Student Learning Support and Online Student Services below.
  • If you do not know who to contact, please email or call 831-646-4002.  Our Admissions & Records staff can refer you to the appropriate person or department.

Please know that your MPC community is thinking of you and wants to help in any way we can so you can continue your learning and succeed in your classes.

Learn OnlineHelp with Online Learning

Your instructor will let you know if and when their course will be online and provide you with directions to get started. Until then, here are a few ways you can get prepared for online learning:

1.  Make sure you can access Lobo Apps. Most instructors will use the Canvas system to deliver online instruction. Canvas can be accessed through Lobo Apps. To get to Lobo Apps, browse to MPC’s main webpage and click Lobo Apps in the gray bar at the top.

  • If you have not already activated your Lobo Account please follow the instructions to activate your account now.
  • If you need help, email Include your name, 9-digit student ID #, and list of courses you are enrolled in this semester.
  • Make sure you know how to access your MPC email account. MPC Email is accessible through Lobo Apps. MPC Email is the official campus method for communication. Official campus communication and communication from your instructors in your courses will be sent to your MPC email address.

2.  View the Canvas Student Quick-start Orientation (Lobo Apps login required). The Canvas Student Quick-start Orientation is designed to help you understand the basics about how to use Canvas to access online instruction and how to be a successful online learner.

3.  View the Canvas Student Support Tutorials. The Canvas Student Support Tutorials include how-to guides for the most essential tasks in Canvas, such as Canvas basics, discussion forums, quizzes, assignments, and more.

4.  If your teacher uses ConferZoom to deliver class videos online you can refer to the following guides:

4.  Submit an online education help desk ticket. The MPC Canvas support team is available Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm to help answer questions about how to access Canvas, how to find your course, how to complete activities and assignments online. Call the Canvas student help desk 24-hours a day, 7 days a week at (877) 890-0169

Academic SupportAcademic Support Services

MPC Library - Get Online Help at MPC Library.  Go to the “Online Library Help” page to find ways to connect with librarians including chat services, submitting a question and making an online one-on-one appointment with a librarian.

Connect with a Librarian in Canvas. Librarians have online video office hours for you to meet with them through Canvas.  Click on the "Student Services Hub" on the left side navigation bar.  Then click on "Online Library".  Schedule an appointment or drop-in during office hours.

NetTutor - Access NetTutor online tutoring services through Canvas (Lobo Apps access required). Net Tutor provides online tutoring in a wide range of disciplines -- some include 24/7 availability.

The English and Study Skills Center - The ESSC is currently offering two types of online support for students: synchronous ("real-time") tutoring and asynchronous ("assignment drop-off") feedback. Please click here to go to the WCOnline sign-in page and see further instructions.The WCOnline link is also found on your Canvas HUB and Lobo Apps page. Click this link to visit our ESSC website to learn more about the support we provide.   

Math Learning Center - The Math Learning Center has faculty and staff to help you succeed in your math classes, and classes that utilize basic math, for free! Click here to view our online tutoring schedule and services we provide.

STEM CEL Center - STEM CEL provides peer tutoring support for the majority of MPC STEM discipline. STEM tutors are trained to assist with questions, direct studies, and help STEM students find access to support and resources to improve self-study, equipping them for success beyond MPC.  Beginning on March 29, 2020, STEM CEL will be be operating fully online. Click here to access the STEM CEL tutoring schedule and click here to enroll in the STEM CEL online course site in Canvas.

Student SupportStudent Services Support

MPC Wellness Central - MPC students can now access a new MPC Wellness Central resource created especially for California Community College students. This platform is available through Canvas and provides students resources about emotional, social, physical, academic, financial, and spiritual health and wellness topics. Personal Counseling services remain available to students at this time. Email  

MPC Technology & Wi-Fi Access for Students - MPC is checking out Chromebooks to students who need them.  Students can access these by sending an email to or by calling 831-646-4002. Students will be able to access MPC Wi-Fi from the parking lots if needed, although all MPC facilities will remain closed until further notice. Comcast is offering 2 free months of Internet Service to those affected by the closure of schools and move to virtual settings. Find more information at

MPC Food Pantry - Students can access our food pantry through an email to  Food bags will be prepared at MPC for students to pick-up by appointment.

Below are a few additional student support resources you may find helpful at this time:

Grading optionsGrading Options

We recognize that some students may not be able to continue with some or all of their classes at this time and we want to help you understand your options. The decision to drop classes is never easy and involves many factors. 

Before you drop a class we strongly recommend the following:

  • Please reach out to your instructor first. Faculty are working to adjust assignments for online delivery, overcome technology challenges, help students get connected, and more. Please reach out to your instructor if you have challenges with your class assignments or content, or contact if you have challenges with Canvas or other online learning tools.
  • Speak with a counselor. In addition to your instructors, our academic counselors may have options for you. Counselors can help you determine if a class is necessary to reach your academic goal, identify alternative classes that may fulfill requirements, and identify other options that may support your academic success, including Pass/No Pass (P/NP) options. We highly recommend that students speak with a counselor prior to selecting a P/NP grade as it may have financial aid implications. Counseling appointments are available online and can be made via WebReg or by calling (831) 646-4020.

If you do decide to drop a class, we strongly recommend the following:

  • Drop via WebReg. The deadline to drop full-term classes is April 29, 2020.
  • Consider requesting an Excused Withdrawal (EW) grade for spring 2020 classes. Under normal circumstances, the EW grade is only possible through Academic Council Petition. To ensure students have options during these challenging times, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office has worked with California lawmakers to modify regulations and waive the petitions. Therefore, students who drop due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be able to receive an Excused Withdrawal (EW) grade and will be eligible for tuition refunds. The excused withdrawal (EW) will appear on transcripts to help document your enrollment. This may be helpful for purposes such as enrollment verification, financial aid, VA benefits, etc.) but it has no impact on your GPA or academic standing and ensures that you can retake the class at a later time if desired.
  • Monterey Peninsula College will automatically issue an Excused Withdrawal (EW) grade to students who drop classes on or after March 18, 2020, through April 29, 2020.
  • Students who want to receive an Excused Withdrawal (EW) grade for Spring 2020 classes can do ONE of the following:
    • Drop via WebReg.  The deadline to drop full-term classes is April 29, 2020.  Please make sure to complete the “check out” process in WebReg to ensure your drop was recorded.
    • Contact your instructor and ask them to drop you from their class.  All instructor initiated drops on or after March 18, 2020, through April 29, 2020, will be converted to an Excused Withdrawal (EW) grade.
  • If a student wants to request an EW grade after April 29, 2020, the student should email  Students have until the end of the Fall 2020 semester to make this request.

Tuition Refunds - Tuition refunds will not be automatically issued to students receiving an EW grade.  Students need to email and request a refund.  Requests for refunds for the spring semester must be made by end of the Fall 2020 semester. 

Important Note on Financial Aid: Withdrawals related to COVID-19 may be excluded from the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy. Please contact Student Financial Services at if you have further questions.

Have a follow-up question? Need assistance? Please email

Community SupportCommunity Resources:

Emotional Support & Counseling Services:

  • Monterey County Behavioral Health can provide counseling and help with referrals. The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it is answered by a clinician after-hours. Call the agency at 1-888-258-6029.
  • The Suicide Prevention Hotline provides free and confidential emotional support to those who feel suicidal or who are in emotional distress. It is available 24/7. Call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-877-663-5433.
  • The California Peer-Run Warm Line allows people to talk to peers who have lived with mental health challenges who can provide emotional support and referrals to mental health resources. The 24/7 line can be reached at 1-855-845-7415 or through an online chat.

Community Information & Referrals

  • 211 Monterey County provides up-to-date information about COVID-19. Call 211, visit 211MontereyCounty website, or text "Coronavirus" or "Covid19" to 211-211 for information in English and Spanish.