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During an earthquake, try to stay calm and follow the steps outlined below:

  1. When the earth or the buildings begin shaking, drop to your knees, clasp both hands behind your neck, bury face in your arms, make body as small or curled up as possible, close your eyes and cover ears with forearms.
  2. If indoors, seek shelter in an open doorway or under a desk or table; hold on to the table legs. Stay away from windows, shelves and heavy objects that could fall or move.
  3. If outdoors, move away from buildings, utility poles and other structures that could collapse.
  4. After initial shaking stops, evaluate situation and, if emergency help is needed, contact Security at 646-4099.
  5. Follow instructions from teachers, supervisors, or emergency services for safely turning off equipment like electrical or gas appliances.
  6. Evacuate the building by walking to the nearest clear exit, assisting people as you go. Be aware of hazards that may have occurred during the quake. Do NOT enter or use elevators.
  7. Once outside, you may be directed to a regrouping area.
  8. Do NOT re-enter a building until an emergency specialist says it is safe to do so.
  9. Assist staff and personnel in charge to determine if everyone has evacuated safely.If there is an elevator in your building, check to make sure no one is trapped.
  10. Do NOT evacuate the campus unless instructed to do so; traffic congestion and road damage can make driving impossible and/or dangerous.

The Emergency Operations Center will form as a result of an incident and will be the source of information and plan of action.

If you would like a copy of MPC’s full Emergency Preparedness Plan, please contact Security for the most up-to-date version.