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Power/Gas/Water Failure

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In the event of a major utility failure (electrical, network and telephone) the Emergency Operations Center may be activated using available personnel.  Power outages occur more frequently during severe weather, but can be caused by other sources.  Since loss of power impacts classroom instruction, network/telephone services and can present other safety considerations, the EOC is necessary in the formation of an appropriate plan of action depending on several considerations. The following activities typify the steps taken to bring the EOC together:

  1. A broadcast announcement may be generated using desk phones and other audio transmission (wall speakers-Informacast) available in some classrooms.This announcement is the prompt for Building Response Team members to call in to one of three EOC contact numbers to determine status.Depending on the severity of the outage, BRT members may be directed to advise instructors/students to continue classroom instruction or assist preparations to cancel classes for the day.
  2. The Emergency Operations Center which will form as a result of the incident and will be the key decision and planning source to direct the district’s plan of action.The EOC’s members will coordinate building to building checks to safeguard against persons being trapped in elevators and to verify buildings are secured if closure/partial closure is likely.
  3. Employees are not to evacuate the campus unless directed to do so.Power loss may be temporary and localized or may be ongoing and impact a large area, affecting traffic lights, emergency and public services.If coupled with severe weather, road and access routes may be impassable.If a school closure is decided, it should be organized and carried out in an orderly manner.
  4. The EOC will monitor communications from PG&E until power is restored.During this time, BRT calls and information are collected and tracked.