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Wills, LindaAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831) 645-1300 ext. 6037lwills@mpc.edu
Wilson, AbrahamAdjunct Faculty, HospitalityBusiness and Technology, Hospitality, Nutritionawilson@mpc.edu
Wilson, KatyAssociate Researcher, Planning, Research, & Institutional EffectivenessInstitutional Research, Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE), President's Office(831) 645-1399kwilson@mpc.edu
Wilson, NicoleAdjunct Faculty, AnthropologyAnthropology, Social Sciencenwilson@mpc.edu
Wisneski, David Computer Science & Information Systems - AdjunctBusiness and Technology, Computer Science and Information Systems(831) 646-4071dwisneski@mpc.edu
Wolf, JonathanFaculty, AdjunctCreative Arts, Graphic Arts(831) 646-4200jwolf@mpc.edu
Woltman, JohnAdjunct Faculty, Fire AcademyFire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)(831) 646-4240
Wong, RandyAdjunct Faculty, Fire AcademyFire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)(831) 646-4240rwong@mpc.edu
Wood, ChristineLab Manager, ChemistryChemistry, Physical Science(831) 646-4152cwood@mpc.edu
Woods, MarcusAdjunct Faculty, Physical Educationmwoods@mpc.edu
Worley, LauraPrintshop OperatorAudio Visual/Media Services(931) 646-4091lworley@mpc.edu
Wright, MarieChild Development SpecialistEarly Childhood Education Lab Schoolmwright@mpc.edu
Yoshida, DaisukeAdjunct Faculty, NutritionLife Science, Nutritiondyoshida@mpc.edu
Young, DaphneAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Divisiondayoung@mpc.edu
Yourous, KaitlinCategorical Services CoordinatorStudent Services, Veteran's Resource Center(831) 646-4811kyourous@mpc.edu
Zande, JillMarine Advanced Technology Education Centerjzande@mpc.edu
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