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Casanave, MarthaFaculty, AdjunctCreative Arts, Photography(831) 646-4200
Berteaux, JohnFaculty, Part-TimeGENTRAIN, Social Science
Bertreaux, JohnAdjunct Faculty, GENTRAIN (Philosophy/Religion)GENTRAIN
Goetz, CherylAdjunct Faculty, EMMSEmergency Medical Services, Fire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)(831) 646-4240
Hasslinger, JohnAdjunct Faculty, Fire AcademyFire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)(831) 646-4240
Hinckley, BradfordAdjunct Faculty, Fire AcademyFire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)(831) 646-4240
Kelley, HaraldAdjunct Faculty, Fire AcademyFire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)(831) 646-4240
Woltman, JohnAdjunct Faculty, Fire AcademyFire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)(831) 646-4240
Vasquez, PanchoGroundsFacilities(831) 645-1362
Ventimiglia, MikeAdjunct Faculty, Fire AcademyFire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)(831) 646-4240
Okelberry, Mary EllenAdjunct Faculty, ArtOlder Adult Education(831) 646-4058
Brown, CharlesTrustee Area 1Board of Trustees
Steck, LorenTrustee Area 5Board of Trustees
Coppernoll, Margaret-AnneTrustee Area 2Board of Trustees
Johnson, RickTrustee Area 3Board of Trustees
Gustafson, Marilynn DunnChair, Trustee Area 4Board of Trustees
Lambert, StephenAssociated Students of Monterey Peninsula College, Student TrusteeBoard of Trustees, MPC Bond
Lopez, MariaASMPC PresidentPresident's Advisory Group
Panetta, JamesCHAIR, Community MemberMPC Bond
Cruzan, WayneVICE CHAIR, GENTRAIN SocietyMPC Bond
Gaspich, TomCarmel FoundationMPC Bond
Harvath, HunterMonterey County Hospitality AssociationMPC Bond
Heuer, RickMonterey Peninsula Taxpayers AssociationMPC Bond
Johnson, BirtCommunity MemberMPC Bond
Larson, SharonMonterey Peninsula College FoundationMPC Bond
Lee, RobMonterey Peninsula Chamber of CommerceMPC Bond
Lee, EthanFaculty, Part-TimeSocial Science, Sociology
Choi, SungAdjunct FacultyEthnic Studies, Social Science, Sociology
Bloxla, CharlesAdjunct Faculty, Fire AcademyFire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)
Adam, AndreAdjunct Faculty, HospitalityBusiness and Technology, Hospitalityaadam@mpc.edu
Ambaw, AbejeFaculty, Anatomy & PhysiologyAnatomy-Physiology, Life Science, STEM(831) 646-4131aambaw@mpc.edu
Andari, AntoineSystems/Programming Manager, Information SystemsCampus Administrators, Information Technology(831) 645-1395aandari@mpc.edu
Bollin, AlexisAdministrative Assistant to the VP of Academic AffairsAcademic Affairs(831) 646-4033abollin@mpc.edu
Brumley, AmberCategorical Services Coordinator, OrientationOrientation, Student Success and Support Program(831) 646-4845abrumley@mpc.edu
Budris, AlfredAdjunct Faculty, BusinessBusiness, Business and Technology(831) 646-4071abudris@mpc.edu
Cadriel, AliciaUnit Office Manager, FacilitiesFacilities(831) 646-4049acadriel@mpc.edu
Cepeda, AaronInstructional Technology SpecialistAudio Visual/Media Services, Information Technology(831) 646-4088acepeda@mpc.edu
Chavarria, AugustinCampus Security OfficerCampus Security(831) 646-4099achavarria@mpc.edu
Mann, AndreaCounselorCounseling/Academic Advising(831) 646-4028acmann@mpc.edu
Converse, AmeliaLibrary Operations CoordinatorLibrary(831) 646-3088aconverse@mpc.edu
Copeland, Alexis Instructor - Assistive TechnologyAccess Resource Center, Business and Technology, Business Skills Center, Technology Committee(831) 646-4067acopeland@mpc.edu
Cortes, ArianaAdjunct Faculty, PsychologyPsychology, Social Scienceacortes@mpc.edu
Edwards, AlexandraDance and Fitness Instructor - AdjunctDance, Physical Education(831) 646-4220adaniels@mpc.edu
Deffley, AnneESL Instructor - AdjunctEnglish as a Second Language(831) 646-4100adeffley@mpc.edu
DeSoto, AletheaCounseling Division ChairCounseling/Academic Advising(831) 645-1326adesoto@mpc.edu
Diaz, AlyssaLibrary Technician I - tempLibraryadiaz@mpc.edu
Durst, AlanFaculty, MusicCreative Arts, Music(831) 646-4205adurst@mpc.edu
Durstenfeld, AndresBiology FacultyBiology, Life Science(831) 646-4103adurstenfeld@mpc.edu
Farhood, AmyDance Instructor - AdjunctDance, Physical Education(831) 646-4220afarhood@mpc.edu
Garcia Garcia, AnaFaculty, Chemistry; Biology; Earth SciencesBiology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science(831) 646-4886agarciagarcia@mpc.edu
Gerard, AdriaEnglish Study & Skills Center DirectorCampus Administrators, English & Study Skills Center, Humanities Division(831) 645-1379agerard@mpc.edu
Gleason, AngelaFaculty, AdjunctCreative Arts, Jewelry and Small Metalsagleason@mpc.edu
Haffa, AlanFaculty, GentrainEnglish, GENTRAIN, Humanities Department, Humanities Division, Social Science(831) 646-4224ahaffa@mpc.edu
Hochstaedter, AlfredFaculty, Oceanography, GeologyCurriculum Advisory Committee, Earth Science, Physical Science(831) 646-4149ahochstaedter@mpc.edu
Houchin, AnthonyAdjunct Faculty, Fire AcademyFire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)ahouchin@mpc.edu
Hulanicki, AlexAdjunct FacultyCommunication Studies, English, Humanities Division(831) 646-4100ahulanicki@mpc.edu
Ibessaine, AndreaAdjunct Faculty, EnglishEnglish, Humanities Division(831) 646-4100aibessaine@mpc.edu
James, AllstonFacultyCommunication Studies, English, Humanities Division(831) 646-4092ajames@mpc.edu
Johnson, AnitaFacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831) 646-4062ajohnson@mpc.edu
Kalinic, ArianaFaculty, Part-TimeSocial Science, Sociologyakalinic@mpc.edu
Kerchner, AmberCounselor/Early Childhood Education DepartmentCounseling/Academic Advising, Early Childhood Education Department (ECED)(831) 646-4803akerchner@mpc.edu
Kotecki, AdrianneDepartment ChairPsychology, Social Science(831) 646-4169akotecki@mpc.edu
Malloy, AndrewLibrary Technician ILibraryamalloy@mpc.edu
Mendoza, AnaCustodianFacilitiesamendoza@mpc.edu
Mettler, AmberDivision Office Manager, Physical Education & AthleticsAthletics, Physical Education(831) 646-4220amettler@mpc.edu
Parker, AlethaAdjunct Faculty, EMMS & HealthEmergency Medical Services, Fire, Health, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)aparker@mpc.edu
Payne, AllisonDirector of Grants - MPC FoundationFoundation(831) 646-4253apayne@mpc.edu
Pirani, AyazAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831) 646-4100apirani@mpc.edu
Prado, AnthonyAdjunct Faculty, Fire AcademyFire, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)(831) 646-4240aprado@mpc.edu
Ramirez, AngelaAccounting SpecialistFiscal Services(831) 646-4044aramirez@mpc.edu
Redman, AlexInstructional Technology SpecialistAccess Resource Center(831) 646-4067aredman@mpc.edu
Rocha, AliciaAdministrative Assistant IIIAcademic Affairs, STEM(831) 646-4055arocha@mpc.edu
Salazar, ArturoAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical Scienceasalazar@mpc.edu
Seibel, Arnold Instructional SpecialistEnglish & Study Skills Center, Humanities Division(831) 646-4177aseibel@mpc.edu
Smith, AlexisPhysical Education and Fitness Instructor - AdjunctPhysical Education, Physical Fitness(831) 646-4220asmith@mpc.edu
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