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Integrated Planning

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Integrated Planning at Monterey Peninsula College

Integrated planning is a process that links human, physical, technological, and fiscal resources to the mission, vision, and priorities of the college. Integrated planning activities provide a structure for a cycle of ongoing evaluation, decision-making, and action that leads to continuous improvement in support of student learning and success. MPC’s integrated planning is designed to be a cycle of data-informed inquiry, feedback, and improvement. All planning processes at MPC follow a cycle of data-informed resource prioritization, allocation, implementation, evaluation, and improvement, as illustrated in the MPC Integrated Planning Model. Broadly speaking, planning activities involve developing, implementing, and evaluating the results of a plan. All integrated planning centers around the College mission and link to the Institutional Goals and Education Master Plan.

Links to campus-wide plans and planning documents can be found below the integrated planning model.


Integrated Planning Model

MPC Integrated Planning Model Graphic

Integrated Planning Documentation

Planning and Evaluation Calendar PDF Document
Integrated Planning Handbook PDF Document (June 2018)
Annual Resource Prioritization and Allocation Diagram PDF Document (December 2018)

Planning and Evaluation Tools*

Identifying and Addressing Performance Gaps
Relevant Subpopulations of Students for Disaggregation
Process Readiness Checklist
Progress Evaluation Reflections Questions

*These documents are available through the MPC PRIE Intranet site (log in required).

Campus-wide Plans 

Education Master Plan, 2012-2017 (Extended through 2019) PDF Document
Institutional Action Plan - Fall 2017
 PDF Document (Progress report on Institutional Goals)
Technology Master Plan, 2016-2019 PDF Document
Physical Master Plan PDF Document
Facilities Master Plan Update, 11/2012 PDF Document
Integrated BSI/SE/SSSP Plan, 2017-2019 PDF Document
Student Equity Plan, 2015 PDF Document
3SP Plan, Credit, 2015-2016 PDF Document
3SP Plan, Noncredit, 2015-2016 PDF Document