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How do I print? You can print to the any wēpa print station in Monterey or Marina directly from a campus computer, your laptop/mobile device, attach your document via email and print, or print directly from the cloud.

Do I have to log on to a computer to print?  No, you can send your print job directly to a print station via email, or access documents you have stored in the cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc..)

Can I send a print job from off campus, and pick it up on campus? Yes, you can send a print job from your home, or anywhere around the world, and pick up your printouts at any of the print stations on the Monterey or Marina campus sites.


Cloud-based Printing (wēpa)

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

The MPC IT Department is proud to now offer students state-of-the-art cloud printing services on the Monterey and Marina campuses through the Wēpa Print Now platform! Wēpa provides a robust and cost-effective printing solution to students using campus computers or their own devices (BYOD).

The wēpa print solution is completely integrated with MPC's network accounts, making it easy for students to login and upload documents from anywhere, then release their print job from one of several print stations located in convenient campus locations.


Printing on campus is convenient and easy. Students can deposit money to their wēpa accounts at a wēpa print station or can pay directly at a print station*.

Printing rates per page

 Black & White
 $ .09  $ .17
 Color Printing
 $ .35  $ .50

*There is a per transaction service fee of $0.40 added to the total cost of a print job when using a credit/debit card at the print station. This $0.40 is charged by the financial institution. Students can avoid this fee by depositing a minimum of $5 into their wepa account. There is no fee for depositing money into your wepa account when using a credit/debit card. The fee is only added when a student uses their credit/debit card as a point of sale transaction.

MPC Design 2 (Full logo)Getting started

  1. Launch the wēpa website through Lobo Apps.

  2. Send your documents to wēpa print cloud through one of several options

    • Upload to your account from the wēpa website (access wēpa website by clicking 'Wēpa Student Online Printing' from Lobo Apps.) Choose the options for printing you prefer.
      • B&W (one-sided: $ .09/pg)
      • B&W (two-sided  $ .17/pg)
      • Color (one-sided: $ .35/pg)
      • Color (two-sided $ .50/pg)
    • Print directly from a campus computer using the File/Print option (computers in the MPC Monterey Library and in MA102 in Marina) Choose the wēpa printer that matches the options you prefer.
      • Wēpa BW (one-sided: $ .09/pg)
      • Wēpa BW Two-Sided  ($ .17/pg)
      • Wēpa Color (one-sided: $ .35/pg)
      • Wēpa Color Two-Sided ($ .50/pg)
    • Email your documents to from your MPC student email account
    • Insert a USB device at any wēpa print station and select documents you want to print

  3. Deposit funds to your wēpa account either at a print station or at the wēpa website using a credit/debit card or PayPal or pay as you go.
    • Deposited funds will appear under 'Account Balance'
    • Students can also purchase print cards at the MPC library or in Marina

Printing a document

  1. Log into a wēpa print station using your Username/Password or a tagged card (see how to tag a card below.)
  2. Choose the print job you want to print and (options for printing if you are using a USB drive)
  3. Select 'Done', then select the green 'Print' button to print your document.

Tagging a card for faster login process

Tag any card with a magnetic strip to automatically log into wēpa account and avoid manually entering your username/password credentials each time you print.

  1. Go to a wēpa print station. Manually log into your wēpa account by selecting 'Don't have a tagged card?' at the bottom of the screen, then click School Credentials and enter your Username/Password
  2. Swipe any card with a magnetic strip to "tag" it when prompted.
    (The card can be a credit/debit card, your driver's license, AAA card (or any card with a magnetic strip)). Next time you want to log into a wēpa station swipe your card instead of manually entering your Username/Password.



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