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Completed Projects

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This table show a list of projects that have been recently completed by the IT department.

Project Name
Date Completed
Technology Plan
 Class Climate Upgrades  Enhance Surveys and ability to gather data. Archive old surveys.   Aug '15  Goal 1
 Testing Center Security Camera Upgrades   Enhance ability to monitor students during testing   Aug '15  Goal 1
 Library Classroom Upgrades  LTC 203/204 and LTC 216 were upgraded with new projectors and switching systems  Aug '15  Goal 1
 Solarwinds Network Monitoring Tool  Improved operational efficiency. Now have ability to quickly identify network and application reliability.    Spring '15  Goal 3
 Everbridge   Text and email emergency notification system. This system is used to notify staff, faculty and students in emergency situations   Spring '15  Goal 2
 Google Apps for Education   Implement Google Apps for Education. Outcomes include enhanced collaboration by using shared documents, improved sustainability by retiring in-house Exchange system including aging servers and storage, no limit to storage with Google.    Spring '16  Goal 2
 Single Sign-On  Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) solution which will allow authenticated access to multiple applications using a single login. (Lobos Apps)  Summer '16  Goal 3
 PSTC Infrastructure Upgrade  Upgraded bonded T1 with fiber  Summer '16  Goal 3
 Call Attendant   Automated phone answering system, (A & R only)  Summer '16  Goal 3
 EMS /SIS Data reporting  Improve the Data and reporting functionality for SIS system  Summer '17  Goal 4
 New Helpdesk Software  Implement Freshservice helpdesk solution which includes Service Level Agreements (SLA)  Summer '17  Goal 4