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IT Survey Spring 2016

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In April 2016, Information Services conducted a survey to receive feedback from the campus on the performance and services they provide. 119 faculty and staff members responded to the survey.  A summary of results of this survey can be found below. Qualitative results were summarized based on categorical themes and organized with suggestions for improvement across a variety of areas. Information from this survey will be used to guide the department in project implementations and improvements of service.

Qualitative Data Results

The IT Survey included 4 open-ended questions which enabled respondents to provide more detailed information or clarifications to their responses on the survey.  Data from these questions has been organized into themes and summarized below.

Online Help Desk System

Most saw the necessity and benefit of using an online (web-based) help desk system in terms of streamlining support and tracking purposes within the department.  Several users noted the current web-based system appeared to be outdated. System should be easy to navigate and not arduous for users in terms of opening and filling out a ticket. Users should be provided with clear choices in the system and fewer check-boxes should be required.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Users would like suggestions of how to resolve problems on your own included as part of the system
  • Training should be provided on new system when it is rolled out so users can fully benefit from all features
  • Help Desk System should be used as a communication tool by technicians so user is aware of progress on their ticket while issues are being worked
  • It should be easy for users to find the status of their ticket when logging into the system
  • Proper communication should be made with customer when ticket is resolved
  • More IT support needs to be provided to students

Technology on Campus

Most respondents noted equipment and systems on campus still seem outdated. Most noted importance in refreshing systems over time and that this needed to be funded appropriately.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Faculty and staff computers need to be updated to keep up with systems that are put in place for them to use
  • IT should get feedback from faculty and staff before classrooms are upgraded
  • Classroom computer systems should be set up in a uniform/standard way so all classrooms work similarly
  • Clear instructions (job aids) should be provided on podiums so faculty and staff can perform simple troubleshooting when issues arise

Communications & Training

Respondents provided positive feedback regarding training sessions that have been offered by IT, and were interested in more training opportunities to increase their use of the software and systems provided by MPC.  Communications from IT about changes in systems are appreciated but would like to feel like they were more directly involved in the discussion about changes as well - so they have the opportunity to ask questions and prepare in advance. Respondents expressed a high level of interest in additional training, especially Google Drive (including Docs, Sheets and Slides) and MS Office suite, with review sessions for Mail, Calendar and Contacts. Training should be offered at a variety of levels and focused on small groups (departments) and one-to-one training at a variety of dates/times so all can be accommodated.  Face-to-face (f2f) training was preferred by most.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Communicate changes in technology well in advance with opportunities to ask questions and get clarifications
  • Provide training materials online in centralized location in addition to f2f training
  • Provide training on troubleshooting in the classrooms and limited administrative permissions so they are not completely reliant on IT
  • Provide training on technology in Student Center

General Comments

Respondents noted a marked improvement in the services provided by IT over the past 3 years and appreciated opportunity to provide feedback through the survey.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Provide opportunities for tech staff to continue professional development to improve knowledge in areas where they provide support to keep up with changing technologies
  • More systems need to be integrated into single-sign on, still too many user names and passwords across MPC
  • "Can do" attitude needs to be continually nurtured