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IT Survey Spring 2017

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In April & May of 2017, Information Services conducted a survey to receive feedback from the campus on the performance and services they provide. 110 faculty and staff members responded to the survey.  A summary of results from this survey can be found below. Qualitative results were summarized based on categorical themes and organized with suggestions for improvement across a variety of areas. Information from this survey will be used to guide the department in project implementations and improvements of service.

Qualitative Data Results

The IT Survey included 4 open-ended questions which enabled respondents to provide more detailed information or clarifications to their responses on the survey.  Data from these questions has been organized into themes and summarized below.

Online Help Desk System

Most respondents feel like the new ticket system implemented in Summer 2016 has increased the efficiencies and level of service provided by the IT department. Respondents in off-campus sites (Marina and PSTC) felt it greatly assisted in the level of support and communication about technical issues on their campuses. Now that the new ticket system been in use for almost a full year, several valuable suggestions for improvement were provided in survey comments.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Users would like to receive regular updates on issues that cannot be resolved by tech staff immediately
  • Alternate mechanisms may need to be considered for urgent issues that need immediate attention
  • Campus should be reminded periodically about how to use the ticket system

Technology on Campus

Many improvements have been made to technology on campus this year (desktop computers, phones etc..) but without an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution the campus still recognizes that continued forward momentum is required. Upgrades to campus technical infrastructure and software systems needed to be expanded, updated and improved. Respondents appreciate advance notice on system upgrades and downtime.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Continued investment in cloud-based enterprise solutions
  • Upgrades to software and equipment should training considerations offered by IT
  • Provide regular communication on system upgrades

Communications & Training

Respondents provided positive feedback regarding training sessions that have been offered by IT and were interested in additional training opportunities to increase their use of the software and systems provided by MPC.  Training should be offered at a variety of levels on a regular basis for new staff and as a way for current staff to review and refresh their skills.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Provide quick reference documents for Google Docs, Word, Excel and PPT
  • Provide additional Google Apps, MS Office, and Zoom conferencing training
  • Provide basic computer skills training
  • Send out Tips and Tricks messages periodically (weekly?)
  • Continue to provide one-to-one training sessions
  • Provide clear communication on who provides training on various applications

General Comments

Many respondents commented on the continued improvements in the IT department this year, noting leadership has worked hard to improve and augment the services provided on campus. Numerous respondents identified the support staff as being prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. The expert advice and recommendations from IT personnel were greatly appreciated. Continued cross-training for tech support staff was also emphasized.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • "Can do" attitude needs to be continually nurtured, continue to reinforce "service-oriented" attitudes with technical staff
  • Process for reporting urgent issues needs to be clearly defined
  • Tech support through IT phone line needs to improve