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IT Survey Spring 2018

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In April & May of 2018, Information Services released their annual survey to receive feedback from the campus on the performance and services they provide. 51 faculty and staff members responded to the survey.  A summary of results from this survey can be found below. Qualitative results were summarized based on categorical themes and organized with suggestions for improvement across a variety of areas. Information from this survey will be used to guide the department in project implementations and improvements of service.

Qualitative Data Results

The IT Survey included 4 open-ended questions which enabled respondents to provide more detailed information or clarifications to their responses on the survey.  Data from these questions has been organized into themes and summarized below.

Online Help Desk System

Most respondents feel like the new ticket system implemented 2 years ago has increased the efficiencies and level of service provided by the IT department, with over 94% of the respondents stating they use the ticket system to get assistance from IT. In general, users feel like it is an intuitive system and provides a streamlined mechanism to report technical issues and make requests. Even though user on campus are comfortable with the the ticket system, many provided valuable suggestions for improvement in survey comments.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Users would like an option to rate urgency level of their request
  • Users would like to see information on a technician's availability within the system so scheduling time with the technician is easier
  • Users would like to to receive regular updates on the status of a ticket that may take additional time to resolve
  • Some felt the system creates a colder, less personal form of communication and therefore were hesitant to use the system to communicate with technical staff - this could be improved with additional training of staff

Google Apps

The campus has been using Google now for more than a year and many groups are starting to use the cloud-based apps to create, store, share and collaborate. Many provided comments on more formalized campus adoption of these tools to increase efficiency and improve processes on campus.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Encourage campus-wide use of Google Suite (Drive, Sheets, Forms, Team Drive, Google Sites, etc..)

Communications & Training

Respondents provided positive feedback regarding training sessions that have been offered by IT and were interested in additional training opportunities to increase their use of the software and systems provided by MPC.  Training should be offered at a variety of levels on a regular basis for new staff and as a way for current staff to review and refresh their skills.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Provide quick reference documents and tutorials for students on Canvas and Lobo apps
  • Provide quick interactive training sessions for faculty and staff at departmental and division meetings to pique interest
  • Provide training sessions on Google, Google Add-ons and Chrome Apps and Extensions
  • Provide refresher training sessions periodically for MS Office and Google Apps
  • Provide website training sessions or style guide to increase consistency in content and presentation of information across public website

General Comments

Many respondents commented on the continued improvements in the IT department this year. Numerous respondents identified the support staff as being prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. The expert advice and recommendations from IT personnel were greatly appreciated.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Technicians and programmers should provide updates to users on issues they are working to resolve is delays occur
  • Programmers should provide users with estimates on turn-around time for special reports that need to be generated for the campus
  • IT Help Desk phone number (831) 646-4080 needs to be monitored better during normal work hours