Minimum Qualifications and Equivalency

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Procedure for Determining Minimum Qualifications or Equivalency

2014 Minimum Qualifications Handbook

ASCCC Paper on Equivalence to the Minimum Qualifications

Events in Equivalency

April 8, 2010

The Academic Senate has recently endorsed documents articulating MPC's expectations for granting equivalency. The two documents are Equivalence to Minimum Qualifications and Equivalence for Specific Courses. The next step is for AAAG and possibly other shared governance groups to review these two sets of expectations, or guidelines, and to comment on them. The ultimate goal of the Academic Senate is to clearly articulate to the MPC Community the expectations for granting equivalency to minimum qualifications to teach at MPC.

Equivalence to Minimum Qualifications

A comparison table provides a convenient summary.

April 28, 2010

A PowerPoint prepared for a presentation to AAAG about proposed equivalencies criteria and standards.

The state Academic Senate (the ASCCC) is considering resolutions involving equivalency at its Spring 2010 meeting. Here is some background information on one of them, which provides nice background on the whole equivalency issue. This background material is focused on those disciplines that do not require a masters degree.
Nice background information from the "No Equivalence to an AA Degree" resolution

Here is the current board policy on equivalency--a policy that should be reviewed and updated in the near future--and the forms currently used to request equivalency.
Current Board Policy on Equivalency -- BP 5340
Current Form to request equivalency to minimum qualifications

November 13, 2016

Process for Re-applying For Minimum Qualifications or Equivalency in Order to Rectify Previously Granted Single Course Equivalencies

Title 5

All Title 5 sections concerning Minimum Qualifications

Title 5 update/information 2009 (Final as Filed)
A Board Policy on Equivalency from the San Bernadino Community College District