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The Administrative Services Advisory Group is an Administrative Unit Group that serves to advise and inform the Vice President of Administrative Services.

Roles of ASAG:

ASAG provides a forum for communication among its membership about campus issues of common interest. Members are charged with representing the interests of their constituency at ASAG and with communicating back to their constituency the discussions and decisions of the committee

  • Make recommendations on policy and procedures for units within Administrative Services; review and recommend on other areas as appropriate
  • Review and make recommendations on matters relating to the Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee
  • Write operating procedures, setting terms, posting agendas and publishing minutes
  • Organize open forums as needed for discussion
  • Communicate with the President's Advisory Group and other advisory groups on current issues being reviewed

Meeting times:

Usually once per month, but may vary depending on activities such as programs and reports for advisory groups' review and input. The location is usually the Large Administrative Conference Room.

Membership Structure:

  • VP Administrative Services
  • One faculty representative appointed by Academic Senate
  • Two representatives of Managers, Supervisors, and Confidential Employees:
    • Supervisor Maintenance/Grounds, Shipping.Receiving, 
    • Custodial Supervisor, 
    • Mgr, IS/Programmers
  • One classified appointed by MPCSEA
  • Director of Information Services
  • Director of Security
  • Purchasing Coordinator
  • Director of Facilities (vacant)
  • Fiscal Services Controller
  • Notetaker

Additional information about the Administrative Services Advisory Group, web resources and committee documents can be found on the Administrative Services Advisory Group (ASAG) Intranet site. (Login required)