Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Monterey Peninsula College campuses have been closed until further notice. MPC classes and student support services will be offered fully online.

2019 - 2020  Information


David Martin Interim Superintendent / President (Tri-Chair, ex-officio member)
Laurence Walker Vice President, Student Services
Jon Knolle Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs
Steve Haigler Interim, Vice President, Administrative Services
Vacant Dean (appointed by Mgmt Team)
Francisco Tostado Manager-Supervisor (appointed by Mgmt Team)
Diane Boynton Faculty (Tri-Chair) appointed by Academic Senate
Adria Gerard Faculty (Academic Senate President) 
Grace Anongchanya Faculty (appointed by Academic Senate)
Margo Grych Faculty (appointed by Academic Senate)
Jeannie Kim Faculty (appointed by Academic Senate)
Wendy Bates Faculty (appointed by Academic Senate)
Lauren Blanchard Faculty (appointed by CTA)
Kevin Haskin Classified (appointed by CSEA)
Eric Maximoff Classified (appointed by CSEA)
Stephanie Perkins Classified (Tri-Chair) appointed by CSEA
Luz Aguirre Classified (appointed by CSEA)
Reem Benny ASMPC President
Sheila Morales ASMPC Rep.
Suzanne Ammons Resource - Minutes