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Business Advisory Board Meeting Guidelines

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  1. Align the meeting agenda with the mission and objectives tying into the program review process.  Link as many meeting plans together into the future as far as possible.
  2. Build each meeting agenda around actionable goals, topics, and processes. 
  3. MPC Business and board members each play a role in establishing meeting agendas.  Agenda details and overall focus of each meeting is subject to the needs of MPC Business and the needs of the board as represented by the board’s leadership.
  4. At least 50% of the meeting time should be devoted to multiple perspective discussions, problem solving, listening to input from Board members, and/or involved in other productive activities that respect and value the time and expertise contributed by the Board members.
  5. Presentations by MPC Business should be limited to no more than 25% of the scheduled meeting time. 
  6. Consider the unique expertise of each board member.  Solicit input directly from board members based on their specific skills or stake in the decision.  Utilize few general questions for everybody, and more specific questions for each expert.
  7. End each meeting by preparing an action plan to work toward achievement of the mission.
  8. Forward a copy of the meeting minutes within 7 days to all board participants, the Dean of Occupational Education, and the President of MPC.