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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does COOP work?

    You, your employer or internship supervisor, and a MPC faculty instructor operate as a team, agreeing to learning objectives that are both challenging and achievable within the term.

  • How can I get work experience if I don't have a job

    Faculty members in specific disciplines may be able to connect you to potential employers if you do not already have a job in the field. The job center is another resource. Occasionally the COOP coordinators have opportunities available for internships. If you are looking for an internship specifically Monterey Bay Internships is a great resource.

  • Who will help me during my class?

    You will be assigned to a faculty instructor who will:

    • Help translate what you want to accomplish through workable objectives
    • Visit your work site
    • Consult with your employer
    • Receive and provide feedback on your assignments
    • Verify your hours worked
    • Assign your course grade
  • What type of skills can I develop with COOP?

    Skills that benefit you, such as:

    • Communication
    • Customer Service
    • Time Management
    • Job Knowledge
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Teamwork
    • Analytical Skills
    • Technology
    • Leadership
  • What is required of my employer?

    Your employer must be willing to:

    • Allow you to develop new skills or take on new projects
    • Meet with your faculty advisor (at your workplace)
    • Assess your accomplishments at the end of the term
  • When are COOP courses offered?

    Every semester. COOP sections can be scheduled around your needs and employment opportunities - even in the middle of a semester.

    Please don't wait if you think COOP might be right for you, contact a COOP coordinator today.

  • Do all types of employment count for COOP?

    No, self-employment doesn't work.  COOP employment can include both paid and volunteer work as long as there is supervision and a focus on learning.

  • Is there a limit to the number of COOP units I can earn?

That depends on the number of hours you work or volunteer. Each unit requires a minimum of 75 hours of paid work OR 60 hours of unpaid or volunteer work.

You can complete a total of 16 units of COOP at the community college level.  MPC offers between 1 and 4 units for Occupational COOP 91, and between 1 and 3 units for General COOP 92 each semester.

And yes - COOP units transfer to CSUs!