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Structure and Culture of ASL (SIGN 10)

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Hi. My name is Kelly Stack.
View complete introduction in ASL, voiced English,
and closed captions.

Curious about American Sign Language and Deaf culture? Learn about this fascinating language and the people who use it by taking this online class!

In SIGN 10: Structure and Culture of American Sign Language, you will learn about:

  • the linguistic underpinnings of American Sign Language
  • the similarities and differences between signed and spoken languages
  • how ASL evolved and has continued to evolve
  • how Deaf children acquire language
  • the history of Deaf people in America
  • the art and literature of American Sign Language

No previous knowledge of ASL or linguistics is required!

Two ways to sign up:

1. If you have taken classes at Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) before -- in person or online -- just visit

2. If you haven't taken classes at MPC before, use the online application tool at

A note from the instructor:

I'm very pleased to offer SIGN 10 at MPC. This is a class that I developed originally at UCLA. Since then, the amount and quality of ASL video resources has multiplied, and my updated course takes advantage of the new material. You won't learn how to sign in this class, but you will learn about signing, signed languages, linguistics, and American Deaf culture. I hope you'll join me!

--Kelly Stack, Ph.D.
ASL Instructor
MPC World Languages