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Division Directory

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Provost, JohnAdjunct Instructor Humanities Division,
Del Pozo, JudithAdjunct FacultyHumanities Division, World
Daniels, ReginaInstructorHumanities
Cisneros, SaraInstructor, SpanishWorld
Kirk, FaithAdjunct Faculty, EnglishEnglish, Humanities
Williams, SheilaAdjunct Faculty, ENSLEnglish as a Second
Gutiérrez, CarmenAdjunct FacultyHumanities
Revivo, RivkaAdjunctEnglish, Humanities
Rodger, BlakeAdjunctEnglish, Humanities
Genauer, RebeccaAdjunct FacultyHumanities Division, Speech
LeMoine, SunnyAdjunct Faculty, English & Study Skills CenterAcademic Senate, English & Study Skills Center, Humanities
Hucks, LindaInstructional SpecialistHumanities Division, Reading
Jensen, KatrinaAdjunct Faculty, English & Study Skills CenterEnglish & Study Skills Center, Humanities
Bergen, LindaInstructional Specialist, HumanitiesReading
Triplett, RonaldFaculty, AdjunctHumanities Division, Psychology, Social Science, Speech
Young, DaphneAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities
Stampleman, LesleyInstructional Specialist • ESSCEnglish & Study Skills
Speights-Carroll, DeninaInstructional SpecialistEnglish & Study Skills Center, Reading
Kamimura, HeribertaInstructor, SpanishHumanities Division, World
Sánchez-Sulca, ClaraInstructor, SpanishHumanities Division, World
Hernandez-Rico, HumbertoInstructor, SpanishHumanities Division, World
Sturt, DeborahAdjunct FacultyHumanities Division, Speech Communication(831) 645-1300 ext.
Harray, NancyAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831) 645-1300 ext.
Stillinger, SusanInstructional SpecialistHumanities Division, Reading Center(831) 645-1300 ext.
Headley, Laura CourtneyAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831) 645-1300 ext.
Butcher, MarieJYK Instructor - AdjunctEnglish as a Second Language, Humanities Division(831) 645-1300 ext.
Michael, BarbaraInstructor, FrenchHumanities Division, World Languages(831) 645-1300 ext.
Fox, DanSpeech Communication Department ChairHumanities Division, Speech Communication(831)
Marchand, HenryFaculty (English & Creative Writing)Creative Writing Program, English, Guest Author Series, Humanities Division(831)
Gerard, AdriaEnglish & Study Skills Center/ Reading Center Academic DirectorCampus Administrators, English & Study Skills Center, Humanities Division(831)
May, MollyESL Department Chair; InstructorEnglish, English as a Second Language, Speech Communication(831)
Streetman, BrianESSC/Instructional SpecialistEnglish & Study Skills Center(831)
Osburg, JonathanFacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Johnson, AnitaFacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
James, AllstonFacultyCommunication Studies, English, Humanities Division(831)
Wehner, KristinAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Watson, LisaAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Van Dam, GeorgiaFacultyEnglish, Humanities Department, Humanities Division, Philosophy(831)
Stewart, JamesAdjunct FacultyHumanities Division, Speech Communication(831)
Roberts, PatricaFacultyHumanities Division, Speech Communication(831)
Pirani, AyazAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Tarantino, ArleenAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division, Older Adult Education(831)
Gorman, David Adjunct FacultyEnglish as a Second Language, Humanities Division(831)
McMillen, JenniferAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Farson, JoelAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Converse, JoshuaAdjunct FacultyDual Enrollment, English, Humanities Division(831)
Jonker, KevinAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Brock, MicheleDivision Office Manager, HumanitiesHumanities Division(831)
Ogaki, TomokoInstructor, JapaneseHumanities Division, World Languages(831)
Smith, EverettInstructor, American Sign LanguageHumanities Division, World Languages(831)
Munch, CateInstructorHumanities Division(831)
Hart, ChrisESL Instructor - AdjunctEnglish as a Second Language(831)
Sanders, CraigESL Instructor - AdjunctEnglish as a Second Language, Humanities Division(831)
Brady, BrianAdjunct Faculty, English as a Second LanguageEnglish as a Second Language, Humanities Division(831)
Warren, NandaESL Instructor - AdjunctEnglish as a Second Language(831)
Fetler, ErikAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Bachman, ErikAdjunct Faculty, EnglishEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Ibessaine, AndreaAdjunct Faculty, EnglishEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Hulanicki, AlexAdjunct FacultyCommunication Studies, English, Humanities Division(831)
Morneau, MichelleAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Fujimoto, SusanAdjunct FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Van Gundy, AmyAdjunctEnglish as a Second Language, Humanities Division(831)
Kraus, William (Bill)AdjunctEnglish as a Second Language, Humanities Division(831)
Gilbert, PaolaFaculty, EnglishAcademic Senate, English, Humanities Division, President's Advisory Group(831)
Lizano, SoniaInstructor, SpanishHumanities Division, World Languages(831)
Eubanks II, KeithFull-Time FacultyCurriculum Advisory Committee, English, Humanities Division, Learning Assessment Committee(831)
Tisdale, HeatherEnglish & Study Skills Center/Reading Center Administrative DirectorEnglish & Study Skills Center(831)
Kim, Jeannie FacultyEnglish, Humanities Division(831)
Abend, RichardFaculty, LinguisticsCurriculum Advisory Committee, Ethnic Studies, Gender and Women's Studies, Humanities Division, Linguistics(831)
Dorsch, Francisco De BorjaInstructor, SpanishHumanities Division, World Languages(831)
Weber, ToddPhilosophy Department, FacultyHumanities Division, Philosophy(831)
Gonzales, Lisa DanielleInstructor, FrenchEnglish as a Second Language, Humanities Division, World Languages(831)
Nelson, JohnESL InstructorEnglish as a Second Language, Humanities Division(831)
Penney, BethFacultyCurriculum Advisory Committee, English, Humanities Division(831)
Seibel, Arnold Instructional SpecialistEnglish & Study Skills Center, Humanities Division(831)