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Associate in Arts in Philosophy (Transfer Preparation Degree)

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the program, students will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Analyze and interpret human thought, achievement, and expression
  • relevant to such branches of knowledge as philosophy, literature, and/or
  • the fine and performing arts, and to communicate the results.

Complete Major, CSU General Education or IGETC Pattern, Competency Requirements, and 60 transferable units (see pages 51-54).

 Course  Units
 PHIL 2: Introduction to Philosophy
 PHIL 4: Moral Issues
 PHIL 5: Introduction to Logic

Select one course from the following:

  • PHIL 8: Intro to Western Religions (3)
  • PHIL 10: Intro. to Critical Thinking (3)
  • PHIL 12: Intro. to the Philosophy of Religion (3)
  • PHIL 13: Intro to Eastern Philosophy (3)

Select one course from the following:

  • POLS 3: Political Theory and Thought (3)
  • PSYC 1: General Psychology (3)
  • SOCI 1: Introduction to Sociology (3)

Select one course from the following:

  • FREN 1A: Elementary French I (5)
  • FREN 1B: Elementary French II (5)
  • GERM 1A: Elementary German I (5)
  • GERM 1B: Elementary German II (5)
 Total Major Units
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