MPC classes and student services are currently being offered fully online. Click for COVID-19 info for students.

Student Success


The English and Study Skills Center (ESSC)

Dear Students,

Welcome! First of all, we applaud you and your dedication to your education while the current Covid-19 virus policies are in place. We understand the challenges the shelter-in-place policies have caused with your ability to be a MPC student this semester, and we endeavor to make the learning support process as simple as possible for you.

The ESSC is currently offering two types of online support: synchronous ("real-time") tutoring and asynchronous ("assignment drop-off") feedback. Please click the appointment button to go to the WCOnline sign-in page and see further instructions.

Watch the video below for an overview of how to make an appointment for a live, online tutorial session.




We hope to see you online now and back in our physical location with all of the services listed below once the current situation has been resolved.

Why we are here:

Our purpose is to empower MPC students through fostering a welcoming, safe and equitable environment where they can excel in the communication skills needed to become confident, successful lifelong learners and professionals.

What we provide:

  • Free in-person writing, research, ESL, and computer assistance (ENGL400)
  • Self-paced classes to improve your reading, writing, vocabulary, or study skills (ENGL300, 303, 351, 352)
  • State-of-the-art technology: scanners, Microsoft Office suite, and a WEPA color printer for your academic projects; over 100 Windows-based PCs available for student use; and assistive software from Kurzweil Educational Systems to help with reading, writing, and study skills
  • Workshops addressing student needs (e.g., textbook-reading skills)

How to access our tutoring services:

  • The ESSC now offers appointments for face-to-face tutorial sessions with our faculty and staff.  WCOnline is the appointment-based scheduling system.
  • To receive free tutoring services, students must register for ENGL400 (free for MPC students) and WCOnline.  Ask for help with this process at the ESSC main desk.



  • We take drop-in appointments.
  • If students are unable to visit our locations, Net Tutor inside your MPC Canvas course is an online option that is free for MPC students.

How to access our classes:  To get registered, come to the ESSC main desk and meet with the instructor-of-record, who will help plan the schedule.

What research says:  During Spring 2017, students enrolled in ENGL400 were 25% more likely to be successful in their ENGL1A courses than those who did not use the ESSC services.