Student Success


The English and Study Skills Center (ESSC)

Why we are here:

Our purpose is to empower MPC students through fostering a welcoming, safe and equitable environment where they can excel in the communication skills needed to become confident, successful lifelong learners and professionals.

What we provide:

  • Free in-person writing, research, and computer assistance (ENGL400)
  • Self-paced classes to improve your reading, writing, vocabulary, or study skills (ENGL300, 303, 351, 352)
  • State-of-the-art technology: scanners, Microsoft Office suite, and a WEPA color printer for your academic projects; over 100 Windows-based PCs available for student use; and assistive software from Kurzweil Educational Systems to help with reading, writing, and study skills
  • Workshops addressing student needs (e.g., textbook-reading skills)

How to access our tutoring services:

  • The ESSC now offers appointments for face-to-face tutorial sessions with our faculty and staff.  WCOnline is the appointment-based scheduling system.
  • To receive free tutoring services, students must register for ENGL400 (free for MPC students) and WCOnline.  Ask for help with this process at the ESSC main desk.


  • Given availability, we take drop-ins.
  • If students are unable to visit our locations, Net Tutor inside your MPC Canvas course is an online option that is free for MPC students.

How to access our classes:  To get registered, come to the ESSC main desk and meet with the instructor-of-record, who will help plan the schedule.

What research says:  During Spring 2017, students enrolled in ENGL400 were 25% more likely to be successful in their ENGL1A courses than those who did not use the ESSC services.