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The Sentence

Avoiding Fragments and Run-ons (Comma Splices & Fused Sentences)
Commas with Adjective Clauses and Appositives
Commas with Coordinating Conjunctions and Adverb Clauses
Conjunctions: Adverbial (Conjunctive Adverbs)
Conjuctions: Chart of Comparisons
Conjuctions: Coordinating
Conjuctions: Correlative
Conjuctions: Subordinating
Identifying and correcting Fragments
Modals (helping verbs)
Parallel Structure
Participial Phrases
Quotation Marks
Semicolons and Colons
Subject/Verb Agreement
Verb Tenses: Consistency of Use
Verb Tenses: Simple Present vs. Present Progressive
Verb Tenses: Talking about the Past
Verbs/Verb Tenses

The Essay

Basic Format of an Essay
Comparison Formats
Comparison: Sample Literary Essay, Two Poems
Comparison: Sample Point by Point Essay
Basic Essay Organization/Outline
Sample Literary Analysis - Book
Sample Process Essay


Study Reading

Research (MLA)

Annotated Bibliography MLA 8th edition
Formatting an Essay-June 2016
How Do I Cite a Quote from a Course Packet
How to Cite Classroom Materials in MLA 8th edition Style
MLA Citations 8th ed In Text
MLA Citations 8th ed Works Cited
MLA Practice Template 8th Edition
MLA Template Examples

ESL Quick Grammar Lessons

Adjective Clauses
Articles, lesson 1
Articles, lesson 2
Connectors of cause and effect
Connectors of contrast
Future tenses
Future Time Clauses
Gerunds and Infinitives
Non-progressive verbs
Noun clauses
Noun phrases - Appositives
Participial adjectives
Parts of speech
Past Progressive and Simple Past
Phrases overview
Prefixes and suffixes
Prepositional phrases
Prepositions - Six places we find them
Present Perfect
Present Progressive
Sentence variety
Tag Questions
Topic sentences