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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I enroll in the program?
There is no formal process. Simply register for one or more courses in the program (ENGL 5, Introduction to Great Books, is recommended, but not required, as the starting point, but is the one course that must be taken to receive the Great Books Program Certificate) and notify the Coordinator Anita Johnson, at of your intention to complete the certificate.

If I have taken a designated Great Books course before (for example, Shakespeare), does it still count?

If I have taken equivalent courses from other colleges, do those courses count?
You may be able to count some credits from previous college courses. Send a transcript to the Coordinator for evaluation.

How long can I take to complete the certificate?
You may take as long as necessary.

Can I complete the program online?
Yes. This program was designed to meet the needs of distance learning students. We are working to insure that at least five online courses will be offered within a two-year period.

Is there a way to take a class online but still have live discussion?
Yes, locally. There is currently a Great Books Club at MPC which meets regularly for genial, “shared inquiry” discussions. Dr. Johnson is the advisor,