Certificate of Training in English: Great Books

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the program, students will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Express, orally and through cogent writing, a thorough knowledge and understanding of Great Books concepts, traditions of inquiry, and critiques.
  • Provide evidence of a thorough, comprehensive knowledge of particular literary, historical, and philosophical works and their presentation of perennial, enduring questions.
  • Consider ideas syntopically and discuss the products of the Western literary and cultural tradition as an ongoing Great Conversation.

 Certificate Requirements Units 
ENGL 5 Intro. to Great Books (3)  3
 Select 12 units from the following


ENGL   9              Great Books and Civil Liberties (3)   
ENGL 11              Literature By and About Women (3)  

ENGL 16              Shakespeare Visions: Film and Text Comparisons (3)

ENGL 17 Intro. to Shakespeare (3)  
ENGL 18 The Bible as Literature (3)  
ENGL 40A  Survey of American Lit I (3)   
ENGL 40B  Survey of American Lit II (3)  


Survey of World Literature I (3)

ENGL 45 Survey of World Literature II (3)
ENGL 46 Survey of British Literature I (3)
ENGL 47 Survey of British Literature II (3)  
HIST 4 Western Civilization I (3)  
PHIL 2 Introduction to Philosophy (3)  


Introduction to World Religions (3)