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Full-Time Faculty

World Languages Full-Time Faculty


The World Languages Department of Monterey Peninsula College is committed to using current methodology and technology to enable students to understand the communication of others and respond to it, in writing, speech, or sign, in everyday communication and in literature. 

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Acquiring of a second or third language involves sensitivity to other cultures and a realization that the English language and the American culture are not the only standards of meaning and value. 

World Languages programs offer :

  • A two-to five-semester program
  • Day and evening classes
  • Communication-based instruction
  • Use of authentic cultural sources in the classroom
  • Multimedia-equipped classrooms
  • Individual attention and instructor availability

The illustrations of untranslatable words in the slide show at the top of this page are excerpted from Ella Frances Sanders' lovely book, Lost in Translation (2014), Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press. For more information, visit