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The Fitness Instructor Training Program provides students with knowledge, techniques, and experience required for individual or group physical fitness instruction. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe major muscles, their origins, insertions, and actions.
  • Describe the body's physiological responses and adaptations to exercise.
  • Identify appropriate activities for development of muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, and flexibility.
  • Describe appropriate activities for warm-up and cool-down and the reasons for each.
  • Apply skills in either personal training or group exercise leadership.
  • Explain the rationale for use of the Par-Q and fitness testing protocols. 
  • Describe the relationship between body composition, nutrition, and exercise.


Certificate of Achievement (Career Technical) Requirements

Course Code Course Title Units

Beginning Weight Training

PFIT 14 Exercise for Health & FItness .5
PFIT 18A Aerobic Fitness I .5-1
PFIT 50 Independent Fitness & Testing Program 1
PFIT 51 Fitness & Wellness Strategies 2
PFIT 60 Fitness Exercise Physiology 1
PFIT 63 Fitness Anatomy & Kinesiology 2
PFIT 92 Teaching Aide-Physical Fitness 1
PSYC 50 Health Psychology 3
Select one unit from the following:

PFIT 8 Aerobic Conditioning .5-1
PFIT 15A Core Matwork I .5-1
PFIT 17A Yoga I   .5-1
PFIT 20 Circuit Training  1
PFIT 21A Flexibility & Relaxation Techniques I  .5
PFIT 22A  Fitness Through Swimming I 1
Select one unit from the following:    
BUSC 101B Advanced Word Processing: MS Word/WIndows II  1
BUSC 101C Advanced Word Processing: MS Word/Windows III  1
BUSC 108 Individualized Computer & Typing Skills 1
BUSC 109 Keyboarding for Computers 1
BUSC 140 MS Word 2013: Word/Windows I 1
BUSC 141 MS Word 2013: Word/Windows II
BUSC 142 MS Word 2013: Word/Windows III
BUSC 143 MS Word 2013: Advanced Word/Windows   1
BUSC 170 Microsoft Windows 8  .5
Select one course from the following:     
HLTH 4 Healthy Living
NUTF 1 Nutrition
Select one course from the following:    
ANAT 5 Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology (recommended)
HLTH 5 First Aid & CPR
PHED 41 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
Current Red Cross CPR Card Req.    
  Total Certificate Units:  19.5-21.5 


Associate in Science (Career Technical Degree)

Complete Major, MPC General Education Pattern, Competency Requirements, and 60 degree applicable units.

Course Code Course Title Units
Certificate Requirements


No additional major courses required