Do you have a vehicle in need of maintenance or service?

Are you interested in getting high quality and ethically minded automotive service?

Are you interested in helping MPC Auto Tech students repeat the skills they have learned in their Auto classes to prepare for the workforce?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may be interested in volunteering your vehicle for service in our Auto Tech Skills Lab.

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Enjoy Working With Your Hands?  

With world-class events and venues nearby, MPC's Automotive Technology Program is ideally located in the heart of the automotive world.  For those with a passion for cars, the program provides comprehensive training for a wide range of automotive skills.  With dedicated instructors and a personalized hands-on approach, MPC's Automotive Technology Program is the ideal place to begin your journey toward a fast-paced automotive career.

Introductory Course

In addition to providing an entry point for students interested in pursuing an automotive career, our introductory course (AUTO 100) also provides valuable training to anyone who drives, owns, or tinkers with an automobile. No tools or previous automotive experience is necessary—just sign-up and learn while repairing your own vehicle. 

Certification Preparation

Although certification is voluntary, ASE certification is currently the industry standard for automobile technicians. In order to become certified, prospective candidates register for and take one or more of 8 multiple choice exams.  Upon passing at least one exam and after providing proof of two years of relevant work experience, the test taker becomes ASE Certified.  Many of MPC's Automotive Technology courses are designed around the ASE requirements and help students prepare for the certification exams.  Click here for list of ASE exams and relevant courses.

Degree and Certificate Programs

MPC’s Automotive Technology Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in automotive dealerships, independent repair facilities, customizing shops and other auto-related industries. We offer degree options as well as non-degree certificates.  Click here for more information on our Degree and Certificate Programs.

Inspection and Maintenance (Smog) Courses

Whether you are obtaining your license for the first time, renewing or upgrading, MPC offers courses to suit your need. Classes are conveniently scheduled in the evenings or weekends to fit the schedule of the working technician.