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Division Directory

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Ahmed, OsmanAdjunct Faculty, AnatomyAnatomy-Physiology, Life
Ambaw, AbejeFaculty, Anatomy & PhysiologyAnatomy-Physiology, Life Science, STEM(831)
Bard, DonaldAdjunct Faculty, AnatomyAnatomy-Physiology, Life
Bell, Monika Faculty, Medical AssistingLife Science, Medical Assisting, President's Advisory Group(831)
Byrne, PaulAdjunct Faculty, DraftingDrafting, Life
Byrom (O'Neil), DebraAdjunct Faculty, Medical Assisting Medical Assisting(831)
Carlson, Susan Adjunct Faculty, Medical AssistingLife Science, Medical Assisting(831) 645-1300 ext.
Craig, Heather Anatomy/Biology FacultyAcademic Senate, Anatomy-Physiology, Biology, Life Science(831)
Durstenfeld, AndresBiology FacultyBiology, Life Science(831)
Edwards, KalenLife Science Lab ManagerAnatomy-Physiology, Biology, Life Science(831)
Evans, MarcusAdjunct Faculty, Automotive TechnologyAuto Tech, Life Science(831)
Farley, PamelaAdjunct Instructor, DentalDental Assisting, Life
Faust, HeatherDivision Chair, Life Sciences & Department Chair, Anatomy and PhysiologyAnatomy-Physiology, Life Science(831)
Froke, JeffreyAdjunct FacultyLife
Gable, CathleenAdjunct Faculty, Human ServicesFamily Consumer Science, Human Services, Life Science(831) 645-1300 ext.
Gensel, GordonAdjunct Faculty, Medical AssistingLife Science, Medical
Ghavamian, BabakInstructional Technology Specialist - CAD LabDrafting, Family Consumer Science, Interior Design, Life Science(831)
Grasmuck, KarolineFacultyDental Assisting, Life Science(831)
Grych, MargotAdjunct Faculty, Ornamental HorticultureLife Science, Ornamental Horticulture(831) 645-1300 ext.
Hartzel, BarryAdjunct Faculty, Automotive TechnologyAuto Tech, Life
Hopkins-Carpenetti, MaiaAdjunct Faculty, Dental AssistingDental Assisting, Life Science(831)
Kern, JohnOrnamental Horticulture, Adjunct FacultyLife Science, Ornamental
Kim, ManAuto Lab ManagerAuto Tech, Life Science(831)
Kochevar, RandyAdjunct Faculty, BiologyBiology, Life
Lawrence, JamesAutomotive Technology FacultyAcademic Senate, Auto Tech, Life Science(831)
Lord, VanessaFaculty, NutritionLife Science, Nutrition(831)
Matsumoto, GeorgeAdjunct Faculty, BiologyBiology, Life
Omstead, CharlesAdjunct Faculty, Automotove TechnologyAuto Tech, Life Science(831)
Parker, AlethaAdjunct Faculty, EMMS & HealthEmergency Medical Services, Fire, Health, Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)
Poole, CynthiaAdjunct Faculty, NutritionLife Science,
Preston, ChristinaAdjunct Faculty, BiologyBiology, Life
Quintanilla, PeterAdjunct Faculty, Ornamental HorticultureLife Science, Ornamental
Raskoff, KevinBiology ChairBiology, Life Science, Technology Committee(831)
Schneider, EdithAdjunct FacultyFashion, Life
Sherlock, RobAdjunct Faculty, BiologyBiology, Life
Shirley, KimberlyAdjunct Faculty, Health Health, Life Science(831) 645-1300 ext.
Sullivan, DeidreMarine Advanced Technology Education Center(831)
Topper, MelissaAdjunct Faculty, Dental AssistingDental Assisting, Life Science(831)
Wilson, AbrahamAdjunct Faculty, HospitalityBusiness and Technology, Hospitality,
Yoshida, DaisukeAdjunct Faculty, NutritionLife Science,
Zande, JillMarine Advanced Technology Education