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Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate

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Prepare yourself to enter the workforce with a Baking & Pastry Arts Certificate!  

This certificate consists of primarily lab-based classes where the student will learn (hands-on) how to work and cook in a professional kitchen.

Total Certificate of Training Units:     7.5-8.5

Proposed Class Schedule

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

HOSP 78 Basic Baking Techniques (1)
HOSP 82 Cakes, Torts & Decorating Techniques (1)
HOSP 77 Yeast/Non-Yeast Breads (.5)
HOSP 83 French Pastries & Rest. Style Desserts (.5)
HOSP 81 Pies & Tarts (.5)
HOSP 87 French Desserts (.5)
HOSP 84 Chocolate I (.5)
HOSP 88 Chocolate II
HOSP 180 Food Safety Certificate (.5)
HOSP 66 Practices in Hospitality
*HOSP 20 Catering (2)
*HOSP 20 Catering (2)  
*COOP 91.21 Work Experience (1-2 units)
*COOP 91.21 Work Experience  (1-2 units)
*Students only need to take one of these courses

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