The Dance Program is designed to provide students with a wide variety of dance experience and technique.  The curriculum includes courses in Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom and Ethnic Dance along with opportunities to choreograph and perform.  Students may pursue an MPC Associate in Arts Degree or to transfer as a dance major.  Most courses transfer to the University of California and California State University campuses along with other four-year institutions.

Students who successfully complete the Associates in Arts degree in dance will

  • Demonstrate and apply principles and concepts of dance as they relate to successful skill performance.

  • Demonstrate a variety of dance skills with an increasing level of proficiency.

  • Work collaboratively and cooperatively in a group activity.

  • Recognize the value of physical activity for improving wellness.

  • Improve or maintain physical fitness through participation in selected dance forms and activity.

Dance classes are held in the DA Building on the MPC campus as well as the MPC Marina Education Center.  The DA facility houses three dance studios, two of which are maple hardwood and one with Marley flooring. The Marina Education Center studio is also hardwood.

** All photos courtesy of Chunyi McIver. To see more beautiful photos from MPC performances, please visit her website.