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Division Directory

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McDonald, WilliamAdjunct Faculty, ChemistryChemistry, Physical Science(831)
Bishop, MarkAdjunct Faculty, ChemistryChemistry, Physical Science(831)
Hacker, VeronicaAdjunct Faculty, EngineeringEngineering, Physical
Turrini-Smith, LeslieAdjunct Faculty, GeologyEarth Science, Physical Science(831) 645-1300 ext.
Philley, GeriAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831) 645-1300 ext.
Mast, JeffAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical
Little, Bill Adjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831)
Castellani, LouisAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical
Bartow, GailAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831) 645-1300 ext.
Acevedo-Arreguin, LuisAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical
Salazar, ArturoAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical
Northup, CharlesAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical
Nodzenski, PeterAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831) 645-1300 ext.
Riordan, ElizabethAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical
Millan-Vossler, SilviaAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical
Evans, RobertAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical
Beckler, CortneyAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical
Brophy, NicoleAdjunct Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831)
Williams, BillAdjunct Faculty, Math Learning CenterMath Learning Center, Physical Science(831)
Lew-Roca, LindaAdjunct Faculty, Math; Dual EnrollmentDual Enrollment, Mathematics, Physical
Lopez, DanielAdjunct Faculty, Math; Dual EnrollmentDual Enrollment, Mathematics, Physical
Hickok, EricAdjunct Faculty, PhysicsPhysical Science,
Hallock, TerryBusiness and Mathematics Instructor - AdjunctBusiness, Business and Technology, Mathematics, Physical Science(831)
Spence, LukeDivision Chair, Physical Science; Faculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831)
Gunter, ScottDivision Office ManagerPhysical Science(831)
Khadka, DhanFaculty, AdjunctPhysical Science,
Pedersen, JensFaculty, AdjunctEngineering, Physical
Shingleton, JarrodFaculty, AdjunctMathematics, Physical
Hurtarte, JeorgeFaculty, AdjunctEngineering, Physical
Turner, RushiaFaculty, ChemistryChemistry, Physical Science(831)
Ritsema, ToddFaculty, ChemistryChemistry, Physical Science(831)
Rivera, FrankFaculty, ChemistryChemistry, Physical Science(831)
Thomas, JessicaFaculty, ChemistryChemistry, Physical Science(831)
Garcia Garcia, AnaFaculty, Chemistry; Earth SciencesChemistry, Earth Science, Physical Science(831)
Rebold, TomFaculty, Computer Science/EngineeringBusiness and Technology, Computer Science and Information Systems, Curriculum Advisory Committee, Engineering, Physical Science(831)
Hsu, JacksonFaculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831)
Hébert, ConnieFaculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831)
Pickering, JoelFaculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831)
Philley, DonFaculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831)
Nguyen, TuyenFaculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831)
Iwamoto, LynnFaculty, MathCurriculum Advisory Committee, Mathematics, Physical Science(831)
Cristobal, JohnFaculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831)
Washburn, AndyFaculty, Math Mathematics, Physical Science(831)
Catania, TracieFaculty, MathMathematics, Physical Science(831)
Bishop, ElizabethFaculty, Math (Department Chair)Mathematics, Physical Science(831)
Lake, EricFaculty, Math Learning Center CoordinatorMath Learning Center, Mathematics, Physical Science(831)
Hochstaedter, AlfredFaculty, Oceanography, GeologyCurriculum Advisory Committee, Earth Science, Physical Science(831)
Wei, LijuanFaculty, PhysicsPhysical Science, Physics(831)
Jewell, LeilaFaculty, PhysicsPhysical Science, Physics(831)
Carpenter, DougInstructional Specialist, MathMath Learning Center, Mathematics, Physical Science(831)
Edeza Sanchez, JesusInstructional Specialist, Math Learning CenterMath Learning Center, Mathematics, Physical Science(831)
Clifton, TomLab ManagerAstronomy, Earth Science, Physical Science, Physics, Technology Committee(831)
McKnew, TimLab Manager, Astronomy/PhysicsAstronomy, Physical Science, Physics(831)
Wood, ChristineLab Manager, ChemistryChemistry, Physical Science(831)