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Geology 2 - Physical Geology

An introduction to the principles of geology with emphasis on Earth processes. This course focuses on the internal structure and origin of the Earth and the processes that change and shape it. This course must be taken with the Geology 2 lab (GEOL 2L).


Geology 9 - Earth Catastrophes and Disasters

This course covers the application of basic principles of Earth processes, including tectonics, erosion, climate, and wind, as well as issues of catastrophic and disastrous events from a global perspective. Topics include earthquakes, landslides, floods, severe weather, tsunamis, and volcanoes. The course emphasizes using the scientific method to interpret the causes and future probabilities of Earth catastrophes and disasters.


Oceanography 2 - Introductory Oceanography

This course introduces the geologic and physical processes that have influenced the oceans through time. It emphasizes processes that shape the seafloor and control the currents, tides, waves, and chemistry of the oceans. The course uses the scientific method to investigate ocean processes.


Oceanography 10 - Introduction to Geographic Info Systems and Techniques

This course offers a study of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) science and its applications to spatial data management. It covers identification and acquisition of GIS data, as well as assessment of vector and raster systems, scale, resolution, map projection, coordinate systems, georeferencing, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The course includes spatial analysis and modeling with GIS.