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Engineering and Computer Science @ MPC

Do you like making things? Are you curious how your smartphone works? If you are good at math and science, but you’d rather apply what you learn rather than accumulate knowledge for its own sake, then you may want to consider a major in Engineering.

Engineering is the art of applying scientific and mathematical principles, experience, judgment, and common sense to make things that benefit people. Engineers are problem-solvers--people who make things work better, more efficiently, quicker and less expensively. They use their technical skills and dedication to search for better ways to solve problems.

Whether you are interested in civil, mechanical, electrical, or other fields of engineering, Monterey Peninsula College offers the coursework you need to transfer at junior-level status to an engineering university, saving you a large fraction of the cost of your bachelor’s degree. Each year, our graduates transfer to the most popular California engineering universities including UC Berkeley, Cal Poly, UC Davis, San Jose State, and UC Santa Cruz.

We also offer an Associate in Arts for Transfer degree with classes common to all engineering majors. Because of the great variety of engineering majors and universities, as well as the changing admissions and selection criteria used by universities to screen applicants, engineering majors should regularly review their education plan with a counselor.


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