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ADMJ 55 - Writing for Criminal Justice

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This course addresses techniques of communicating facts, information, and ideas effectively in a simple, clear, and logical manner through various types of criminal justice system reports, including letters, memoranda, directives, and administrative reports.

This course emphasizes criminal justice terminology, the proper use of English, and logical organization of information to be conveyed as part of our criminal justice system. Students gain practical experience in note taking, report writing, and presentation of testimony in court.


As Supervising Investigator for the Monterey County District Attorney, Ryan McGuirk is in a perfect position to evaluate police writing, as police reports generated by agencies throughout Monterey County are sent to the District Attorney's office for review and the potential filing of charges. In addition, Ryan has extensive experience as a police officer and has written virtually every type of document that any law enforcement officer would have occasion to produce. Join him as he leads you through the process of communicating as a police officer.