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Division Directory

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Abend, RichardFaculty, LinguisticsCurriculum Advisory Committee, Ethnic Studies, Gender and Women's Studies, Humanities Division, Linguistics(831)
Albert, MaryFaculty, AdjunctEthnic Studies, Social
Albert, SteveFaculty, Full-TimeEconomics, Social Science(831)
Austin, TerriFaculty, AdjunctPsychology, Social
Banks, SoniaFaculty, AdjunctPolitical Science, Real Estate, Social
Bertreaux, JohnAdjunct Faculty, GENTRAIN (Philosophy/Religion)GENTRAIN
Blanchard, LaurenFaculty, Full-TimeGender and Women's Studies, Political Science, Social Science(831)
Bostwick, KelliDivision Office ManagerSocial Science(831)
Cabrera, KendraActing Dean of Instruction, Online Education, Continuing Education, Adult EducationAcademic Affairs, Administration, Campus Administrators, Ethnic Studies, Online Education, Social Science(831)
Cabrera Vargas, VicenteFaculty, AdjunctEducation, Ethnic Studies, Social
Chap, MarilynFaculty, AdjunctSocial Science,
Cortes, ArianaFaculty, AdjunctPsychology, Social
Davis, Dawn RaeFaculty, Full-TimeGender and Women's Studies, Social Science(831)
Drezner, RobFaculty, AdjunctPsychology, Social Science(831)
Drown-Delfino, DawnFaculty, AdjunctAdministration of Justice, Social
Ducote, KeithFaculty, AdjunctGeography, Social Science(831) 645-1300 ext.
Esaki, KaiFaculty, Adjunct (Dual Enrollment/Marina HS)History, Social
Farley, DanielFaculty, AdjunctPolitical Science, Social
Finell, John TaylorFaculty, Full-TimeHistory, Social Science(831)
George, GarrettFaculty, AdjunctHistory, Social
Grohol, JenniferFaculty, AdjunctHistory, Social
Haffa, AlanFaculty, Full-TimeEnglish, GENTRAIN, Humanities Department, Humanities Division, Social Science(831)
Huerta Villicana, JuanFaculty, AdjunctEarly Childhood Education Department (ECED), Social
Jeffrey, CaitlinFaculty, AdjunctGender and Women's Studies, History, Social
Kary, EliasFaculty, Full-TimeAnthropology, Social Science(831)
Kerchner, AmberCounselor/Early Childhood Education DepartmentCounseling/Academic Advising, Early Childhood Education Department (ECED)(831)
Kotecki, AdrianneFaculty, Full-TimePsychology, Social Science(831)
Lachman, LarryFaculty, AdjunctPsychology, Social Science(831)
Lee, DianeFaculty, Early Childhood EducationEarly Childhood Education Department (ECED), Social Science(831)
Lee, EthanFaculty, AdjunctSocial Science,
Little, MichelleFaculty, AdjunctPsychology, Social
Logan, TomProfessor EmeritusEthnic Studies, GENTRAIN, History, Social Science, World Civilizations(831)
Luke, JayeFaculty, Full-Time (Area Coordinator)Elementary Teacher Education, Social Science(831)
Madsen, GambleFaculty, Full-Time (Area Coordinator)Art History, Creative Arts, Curriculum Advisory Committee, GENTRAIN, Social Science, World Civilizations(831)
McCraney-Matz, WendyFaculty, AdjunctEarly Childhood Education Department (ECED), Social
McDrew, MeganFaculty, AdjunctSocial Science,
McGuirk, RyanFaculty, AdjunctAdministration of Justice, Social
McNamara, MikeFaculty, AdjunctAdministration of Justice, Social
Melanie, AllisonFaculty, AdjunctEarly Childhood Education Department (ECED), Social
Michaels, GinaFaculty, AdjunctAnthropology, Social Science(831)
Millovich, JuneFaculty, AdjunctEarly Childhood Education Department (ECED), Social Science(831) 645-1300 ext.
Morgan, DonFaculty, AdjunctEconomics, Social Science(831)
Mullins, ElizabethFaculty, Full-TimeGENTRAIN, History, President's Advisory Group, Social Science, World Civilizations(831)
Nicholaides, ChristinaFaculty, Full-Time, Online Education Faculty CoordinatorOnline Education, Psychology, Social Science(831)
Nyznyk, Cathy Director, Early Childhood Laboratory SchoolEarly Childhood Education Department (ECED), Early Childhood Education Lab School, Social Science(831)
Price, LeslieFaculty, Part-TimePsychology, Social Science,
Redinger, GinaFaculty, AdjunctEarly Childhood Education Department (ECED), Social
Ryer, KerriFaculty, AdjunctGender and Women's Studies, Political Science, Social
Serena, DavidFaculty, AdjunctEthnic Studies, Political Science, Social Science(831)
Spoto, StephanieFaculty, AdjunctGENTRAIN, Social Science, World
Thompson, JamelFaculty, AdjunctEarly Childhood Education Department (ECED), Social
Triplett, RonaldFaculty, AdjunctHumanities Division, Psychology, Social Science, Speech
Turner, JaredFaculty, Full-Time, Online Education Faculty CoordinatorAdministration of Justice, Online Education, Social Science(831)
VanZwaluwenburg, PamFaculty, AdjunctPolitical Science, Social Science(831)
Villarreal, AnthonyFaculty, Full-TimeSocial Science, Sociology(831)
Watkins, ShannanFaculty, AdjunctEarly Childhood Education Department (ECED), Social Science(831)
Weston, DanaFaculty, AdjunctPsychology, Social
White, MarisolFaculty, AdjunctSocial Science,
Whitney, JustinFaculty, AdjunctHistory, Social
Whitworth, RachelFaculty, Full-TimeCurriculum Advisory Committee, Psychology, Social Science(831)
Wilson, NicoleFaculty, AdjunctAnthropology, Social