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Educational Career Paths

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Teachers complete ample hours of fieldwork and student teaching so that they are prepared from day one to create a stimulating, culturally responsive classroom where all students can learn and thrive. After you gain classroom teaching experience, opportunities may arise to expand your responsibilities in your school. Many of our teachers enhance their careers by becoming:

Mentor and Master Teachers

After teaching for three years, you are eligible to start the process of becoming a master teacher in a specified subject. As a mentor teacher, you will help student teachers and new teachers find their comfort zone in the classroom. This position will allow you to teach children as well as adults who are adjusting to being classroom teachers. Master teachers serve as leaders in their school, ensuring that students are achieving certain academic standards and while helping other teachers develop their skills as educators.

Instructional Specialists

Help improve the teaching methods of colleagues by becoming an expert in pedagogy. Instructional specialists work to improve the curriculum and ensure that children are learning through the best resources available and with technologies that keep them engaged.

Teaching Middle or High School Electives

There are programs to serve students in special education, gifted education, students in urban settings. Additionally, there are programs available to teach middle and high school. 

Teaching abroad

Teaching in another country is also an option. There are a variety of programs that each have different requirements regarding college degrees, certification, etc.