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Courses Offered

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GWOS 1 Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies (Fall, Spring, & Summer)

Offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of gender in social, cultural, and institutional contexts, examining how gender systems impact women, men, and gender non-conforming people. The course introduces fundamental concepts and methods in the discipline of Gender and Women's Studies and emphasizes intersections of gender with race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality. Also offered online.

GWOS 3 Gender and Violence (Fall Late Start 8 week Online)

Examines gender-based violence through intersectional methods attentive to interlocking systems of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and class and investigates gendered violence in social, cultural, and institutional contexts.

GWOS 4 Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture (Spring)

Examines popular culture and gender in its intersections with sexuality, race, ethnicity, and class. Students study diverse representations of gender in popular media such as television, film, gaming, sports, and music.

GWOS 5: Women of Color in the U.S. (Fall)

 Focuses exclusively on diverse experiences of gender within a range of racial and ethnic groups, examining socio-political contexts, histories of social activism, media and representational culture, migration, work, and reproductive justice.

GWOS 10 Gender and American Politics (Summer & Spring)

Focuses on American government at the national, state, and local levels, emphasizing roles and influence of women from contemporary and historical perspective, especially the legal and civil rights of women in areas of employment, law, and public participation

GWOS 11 Literature by and about Women (Fall every other year)

Surveys American, British, and international literary works by and about women, including poetry, fiction, autobiography, drama, and non-fiction prose. Focus on literary trends, style, and issues of race, class, ethnicity, and cultural identity.

GWOS 12 Women in U.S. History (Fall, Spring, & Summer)

Covers Native American, African-American, Asian-American, Latina, European-American and immigrant women heroines and "ordinary" women who have shaped U.S. history and culture. Satisfies the CSU/IGETC American History requirement.

GWOS15: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Global Literature (Spring)

Examines a range of literary genres in diverse global contexts, focusing on work by LGBTQ+ authors and centering LGBTQ+ characters and experience.

GWOS 30 Gender in Global Perspective (See MPC schedule)

Explores gender categories, experience, and history from a transnational feminist perspective, examining diverse global locations, geo-politics, and cultural contexts.

GWOS 40 Introduction to Feminist Theory (Fall and Spring)

Encourages students to reflect on historical and present-day social experiences of women and men through readings in feminist philosophy and theory. It engages students in critical analysis of the readings and the changes that feminist theory has undergone, as well as its relationship to other theories.

The following GWOS courses offer online sections: 

GWOS 1 Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies

GWOS 3 Gender and Violence

GWOS 5: Women of Color in the U.S.

GWOS 10 Gender and American Politics

GWOS 12 Women in U.S. History

GWOS 15: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Global Literature

GWOS 40 Introduction to Feminist Theory